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Every part of Jesus’ life spent on earth is so full of/rich with deep significance. Every time of reflection on the life of Jesus from prophecy to birth, to death, to the resurrection, and ascension, reveals truth, glory, power, freedom, like never before. A brief moment of reflection this afternoon left me with this: He understood His business. He acutely understood

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RuthsBlog/ December 29, 2016/ Ruth Writes/ 4 comments

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! I’m going to do a dance after this post because, God, we did it!!!! ✅Goals for 2016 accomplished.  By God’s Grace, with your love and support, and some determination, I was able to stick with the Tuesday and Thursday posts. The truth is, I did more than I thought I could. Thanks for the push, thanks for coming back

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I love endings to be sweet, to be clean, to be full of accomplishments. Just like beginnings, I prefer for things to be properly put in place: from laundered clothes( an empty laundry basket that is) to school courses successfully completed, to intentional goals or lists written down or ticked off, the in between is very wide indeed. The year

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RuthsBlog/ December 26, 2016/ Ruth Writes/ 4 comments

👣👣👣Finish line🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ Today is the last day of the 26-days think-thank challenge!!! It has been a wonderful experience and I’d miss blogging on this. I’d do my best to be intentionally thankful to God every day. Here’s my final list of thankfulness using the English Alphabet Zippers: The wonders they do in our clothing Ziplock bags: For all the times I’ve

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RuthsBlog/ December 25, 2016/ Ruth Writes/ 2 comments

I’d start off by saying, I wanted a white Christmas. This was the first time I had that wish. I never got what people felt when they spoke or sang of a white Christmas. Some weeks back, I experienced some calm, beauty in the unstained white snow and I knew that whatever Christmas meant to me, I wanted to wake up

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RuthsBlog/ December 25, 2016/ Ruth Writes/ 2 comments

MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄!🎄!🎄! Christmas Day in this part of the world is January 7th but I’ve been in my first home long enough to mark Christmas today. It is a good day to remember the light of God, Jesus, that lit me up and made me(you) a light, a redeemed wonder…  It’s a good day to remember that God sent His

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Hi, sweethearts, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! It’s a season of love, a time of reconciliation when we remember that God has given us everything we need for life and Godliness… I spent my day basically running an errand and trying to bake a good Christmas cake for church tomorrow. I’m still learning. I’d share  Today is the 24th day of the think-thank

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It’s been a beautiful season of thanksgiving. I pray that I(you) live a life of continuous thanksgiving; less worrying, no more pity parties but joy and strength that comes from thanks living. May God’s force be with you. MY LIST OF THANKFULNESS Water: I am thankful for the gift of water that does more than I’m ready to enumerate. Wisdom:

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RuthsBlog/ December 22, 2016/ Ruth Writes/ 2 comments

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, PEOPLE… So, today, I’m grateful for the following things: 1. VICTORY: Nothing sounds, smells, tastes better than the victory that God gives. Knowing that I am a winner because I serve a living God to whom all victory belongs is the reason for my peace and hope. 2. Vacations: I’m THANKFUL for vacations!!! 3. Vehicles:  I am so

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#TTC-2016|| DAY 21: MY “U” LIST

RuthsBlog/ December 21, 2016/ Ruth Writes/ 2 comments

Guuuuuuuuuuys!!! You won’t believe it! The Think-Thank-Challenge is seriously almost over 😩 I must admit, I look forward to sharing my list with y’all every day. I think of Christmas and I’m like😱😱 by Christmas, it’d be only one the left. Here’s a list of things I’m thankful for that begin with letter U 1. Understanding: If you do not love and appreciate

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