The First Time I Fell in Love by Emelda Ene Eko


EmeldaMy name is Eko Emelda Ene

I’m an upcoming Christian poet and writer currently at the Nigerian law school. I love all forms of art, but I am most captivated by the spirit of a written or spoken word. They say the heart of a broken girl remains in a strong woman; this is my inspiration, reaching out to just one broken spirit is what I breathe for.

(When I read this, I’m like Oh my!!! What a soul Emelda has. All ye poets and spoken word artists, you are allowed to snap your fingers and nod your head. You wouldn’t be alone ?.)

Time to hear more from Emelda:


 I won’t bore you with any magical soft lyrical rhythm you hear in movies. I don’t need to sugar coat how I feel about him; words they say, are a thousand jigsaw puzzles put as one.

It was one of those clumsy Wednesday nights, I laid In bed tossing and turning, building castles in the air, oh! The boredom crept in deep, I remember, the power supply had been interrupted (for those that would suggest a movie).

My life was like a sinking sand, I had lost my appetite for any positive activities, I was tired of it all when my good friend walked in, asking if I could be his date to church. Finally!  it was a breakthrough for the night, I jumped into my jeans ….this was my last memory of singleness, that night was my bridge to unending happiness. I met Him!
   You see, Pneuma and I have had rough times. It was not love at first sight but love built on patience, consistency and willingness of course. Like I was in love with me.
   I remember times when He talked all day and night, gosh! I wasn’t listening or showered me with gifts I hardly appreciated or the countless times He protected His woman while she slept deep probably snoring ( laughing). He sought a depth of communication and level of intimacy where our minds met as one, where I could almost guess what was on His mind or Him completing my sentences. It was powerful, it was an unending bliss, I was deeply in love.
    I was swept off my feet, my heart races after all of Him; He prays for me more than I pray for myself. Nothing more comforting than arms to run into at the end of a hectic day,  oh! the encouraging whispers in my ears when I am broken and hurting. Shielding me from it all; He compliments every detail on me ( my eyes, smiles, laughter, my mannerism of jokes).
I could go on and on about Him, my beloved gentleman, friend, (husband), companion, helper, my first best desire.
P.S: I am talking about the Holy Spirit sent amongst men.

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  • I love this post….wondered about ‘his identity’ when I read his name,’Pneuma’……Yes! Pleased to meet up with you. Take Care!