Yaaay!!! Afoma’s on the blog tomorrow.

Quite a number of  things I could say about her ❤.
She shares a first-time experience with us on the blog tomorrow!!!
In the mean time,

This is Afoma.


She’s my runaway twin group mate now med student in St.Vincent and Grenadines.
She’s a blogger, a book lover, a beautiful writer and whether it’s with an iPod, iPhone or with the kit of a full-fledged camera, she does the wonder of capturing the magical moments in otherwise overlooked or so-called normal moments.

I praise her hard work, her push and the great commitment she shows in the stuff she does.

You’re beautiful Afoma. Beautiful that’s more than skin deep and I’m glad this post has come to this point.

Freaders, catch up with her on  http://ihundasmusings.com. She does an astounding work over there. From med school life to fashion&style, to life and living, remarkable photography,to book reviews, short stories, Afoma’s Blog is a worthwhile package.

Trust me.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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