A Lesson on Raising My Kids


Long before I LEARNED that research shows that the brains of babies do not wait for birth to start absorbing information (study author Patricia K. Kuhl, Ph.D.) but that from the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, babies begin to absorb language and that they can, in fact, tell the difference between their mother’s native tongue and foreign languages just hours after they are born, it was common for me to hear ladies, mothers, and my sisters ✊? talk about praying for their unborn children and speaking positively to them while they are in the womb.

This intention and practice which I believe in, stems from the belief in prophesying to their unborn kids; decreeing what they desire that these children would be and grow into; asking God to take charge of the lives of these ones even before they get to make their own decisions; just like Hannah did in 1Samuel 1:11.

Noah love
My first Cousin Once removed Baby Noah- This beautiful baby boy came forth to shine GREAT LIGHT and show the GLORY of an ALMIGHTY God.


I have learned and as God blesses me with fruits of the womb, I won’t be careless about it. I would be intentional about the little growing one. Even as I do everything physically possible to maintain a healthy pregnancy, I would keep praying for these ones, for different aspects of their lives and asking God for the wisdom to remain a faithful wife, help meet to my husband and a good mother indeed, to them amongst all other hats I’d be wearing.

My first cousin ONCE REMOVED: Lianater?Just imagine this bundle of joy.


If there is one thing I have picked from social media clips of babies, toddlers, teenagers etc, it is that they are born with incredible gifts and have the capacity to learn a lot. I do not intend being the mother who would lock up her 2-year-old and insist that you learn a particular guitar chord (except I see that you are capable and that is ABSOLUTELY necessary ?; hope you get my drift) but these clips have revealed to me that the abilities of SEEDS born through a person mustn’t necessarily be revealed at 16, 18, 20, 25, etc. If I am watchful, careful enough, even at a younger age, I can identify strengths as well as weaknesses in my kids, train, nurture and help them accordingly. I could help create the environment needed to support and  raise up that which is deposited on the inside of them. I am not saying that we can all be with our kids 24/7 but seeking wisdom and paying attention guides us in what kind of environment, atmosphere, setting to place them in.

I would show extreme patience with them, commend them; be a voice of reason, truth, correction??, encouragement and above all; LOVE them not because of anything they’ve done but because of WHO THEY REALLY ARE— MY GIFTS!

Terna darling!
My First cousin ONCE REMOVED: Terna! I think he grew up to have one of the greatest smiles I have ever seen on a person


As God helps me, I would raise them above all in is fear and love, teach them to love and care for themselves, each other and others; showing no disregard for anyone. I won’t take character and attitude building for granted. I have to set their filters properly: you know; give them a base, a foundation so that for most of the time, they can understand what sort of materials to accept, resist or throw up immediately. There’s way too much information and we (adults inclusive) all have to have a good sorting system?

Kasha ❤️
My First cousin ONCE REMOVED: Kasha’ana❤️


I have learned that babies can be more than just tiny humans that change our perspective(s) about life, induce a lot of hormonal changes, cause you to express emotions you didn’t even know existed. They are more than two knees crawling around, more than two hands pulling everything down and drawing all else to their mouths.
They are bodies, souls, spirits to intercede for, believe in, love, nurture, cater for, never to give up on...

They are important assignments we should take seriously now (for those with kids) or when the time is right (for those of you in my category) ?

As someone who is neither married nor have kids of my own (cos someone out there would still take it that these are my biological babies?? ), I am learning and in the main time, praying and seeking the good there is in every person I can find and relate to.

Not so proudly speaking, I haven’t read a lot of books on motherhood/parenting. I have listened more to personal lessons from parents. That’s changing soon, though.
(You can check out what book(s) I’m reading at the bottom of this page and leave me some book recommendations in your comments). 

Psalm 127:3-4
Behold, children are a heritage and gift from the Lord,
The fruit of the womb a reward. 
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
So are the children of one’s youth.



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