KNOWING YOUR SOUND(Intro)||Why It’s Important To Listen To Yourself

PhontoWhether it’s a gut feeling, intuition(instinct) or “just hearing yourself, there’s always a voice, a sound from within for different times, on different occasions and in different seasons. We would never know if we are:

  • Ignorant 
  • Indifferent
  • Too busy to listen
  • Absolutely trusting in the voice of someone else or other people. 

Some things, words, beliefs, reviews, opinions, suggestions, understandings, etc sound very wise, philosophical, purely harmless and may even hold true for you.

For a long time, I had believed that if I was ever asked, “what advice would you give your younger self?”(you know that popular question people get asked), my answer would have been, “Relax: all would be well”– I mean, even Oprah thought so.

(I’m still particular about this question because most likely but not compulsorily, the response to “What I would have told my younger self?” is a principle YOU OR I should still be working/operating with).


The truth is, for so long, I had been clouded with the frequent/popular/wise/true responses of what people would have told their younger selves because honestly, I would have chipped that piece of advice in one way or the other too to my younger self. No! scratch that actually ?.

A great part of me felt disconnected to this response. Each time I ‘rehearsed’ it, something was missing. It felt like I only knew in part, this response; that I had not experienced some sort of totality that made this statement hold completely true for me. Relax: all would be well


I looked at all I had been through; losses and gains, tears and joys, lessons and all that stuff. I stopped to listen and I heard MY SOUND.
It was TRUE FOR ME IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. I didn’t need to make a clone of a response. This was MINE and I WAS HOME. It might be the sound of someone else out there but that would not matter because this is my truth(and hopefully, theirs). I found my sound and so, I had my voice.

Our sounds are unique in more ways than one but if we do not intentionally stop to listen, all we’d hear and have; would be the sound of others. All we’d do would be playing a sound we cannot explain, defend, stick to and to some extent, like me, we’d be lost within.

More than we may realise, we have to know our sound, and to do so, we have to listen. Our sound is our voice and if we do not even know it, how can we get it fine-tuned? How can we be certain we are on the right path? How is it possible that we won’t be swayed by every form of doctrine, idea, opinion, suggestion? How can we sit by sounds that can retune us when it seems like we’ve fallen out of tune? How do we know when we can trust or dismiss the sounds that arise from within if we have not listened?

This is the beginning of a series and come September 2016 by God’s Grace, we’d pick off from here… Please stay tuned?

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