At the time I finally packed up for Graz, I still did not have my expectations properly fixed. I honestly did not know what to expect or even hope for. There was a time I felt a bit discouraged when a friend of mine casually invariably said I wasn’t going to get as much compared to going somewhere else for practice but after a while of feeling sorry for myself, I shut those thoughts out and listened to myself say that it was going to be OK. I guess this is one time where LISTENING TO MY SOUND played a very great role.

We(my friend Lade and I ) arrived the beautiful city of Graz probably at about 10pm- thanks to a delay at Vienna. I didn’t know how exhausted I was till I knelt on the bed. I felt like that was the moment I’d have sellotaped my eyelids to my forehead just so I could contact my mum and dad at least to let them know I had arrived safely. Their numbers weren’t going through and I suddenly got so frustrated. I called my eldest sister to help me let them know touchdown had happened. I can’t say if I could make sense of the words I was speaking to her but I was certainly aware when I saw something that looked like a CAT!!!!!!!!

With all due respect to cat lovers, I can’t stand cats! I’m terrified of them; not for the reasons some of you might imagine.
Some 4years ago, I missed a class (which is a big deal, trust me) because this stray cat found its way to the front of my door and was trapped between two exit doors. I don’t like to be touched the way they do and their eyes???No, no. I feel they are always on the defensive and would just gnaw me for no just cause. The idea of having their fur everywhere disturbs me a lot and leaves me a tad bit paranoid???. It’s a lot of chaos going on within me in the presence of a cat and I truly hate that they make me so unstable. Please give me a thousand dogs instead. ?????(I don’t really mean that,

Blood of Jesus! My God! must have been flying everywhere as I moved around the bed still on my knees. While my friend was distressing a little bit about the place, I knew that wasn’t going to be an issue. I, we could easily adjust to whatever inconveniences but then, how would I survive this cat? I was wondering what magic would deliver me from this cat. I was wondering if my host would get rid of his cat; just for me.

I couldn’t just believe it. In my heart, I counted: Lord, I have 29 more nights.  I was telling my friend(or saying in my heart), we are humans with adaptive capabilities so don’t worry. I could stand quite a great deal of stuff; I mean, real big life issues but how about this? 

People! I was done for!
Tonight, I was just going to retire to bed and see what the next days would bring.

to be continued…
from Graz

biko: Igbo word for, “please”

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  • Oh, you went for practice, medical school problems. I understand Anyway Austria is quite close to where I am

    • RuthsBlog

      Yes!!!!! I was in Budapest on one of the weekends…

  • Akeju

    Enjoying this already #biggrin#

    • RuthsBlog

      I’m glad you are love. Come back again!

  • Owa’zi Ebe

    i read this but it’s like i never did, n i dnt think I commented earlier. CAT?????!!!!!!!!!!!! NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, never, i can take in a thousand dogs though, literally as long as they are not Chihuahuas.