I made some pretty good decisions concerning my finances and a number of ugly ones too.

✅ I WASN’T GOING TO BUY STUFF I COULD FIND IN MY “HOME” COUNTRY: When you walk into malls, markets, whatever stores there might be; the temptation to “grab it all” is REAL. I set myself straight before travelling. I was going to ask myself ALOT of questions and do a lot of conversions before buying any item. It was worth it.

❌ I DID NOT LOOK AROUND PROPERLY, FIRST:  This is where I was robbed??
While we transited at Vienna(before arriving Graz), we ate for the real reasons people do ?.
I was duly served. I passed by scanning the bottles of water. Aha! I saw one for €4.00≊$4.6 ≊113.8UAH(don’t mind me).I picked it up almost happy with my choice when Lade walked up with her water bottle of not up to €1.5!!!?. The worse part was the fact that mine still had a taste to it while hers was clear and tasteless.Even while I tried to sleep, that kept on haunting me. How didn’t I find the cheaper (and even better water)? slide…I told my thoughts.


Alas! This was not the last time I was going to be robbed

✅THE NOTE AND THE PEN: There were lessons learned, inspirations pouring in, new topics discussed, previously unknown procedures carried out. You can’t say you’d remember everything except you’re Lexie from Grey’s Anatomy. As a student and very importantly a journalist, a pen and paper would always come in handy. It shouldn’t be anything bulky. Check my post “FIRST WEEK OVERVIEW(coming soon)” to spot my small ”report pad”.

I STILL DID NOT CHECK PROPERLY before buying a small bottle of water from MARTIN AUER for €1.85. Martin Auer is located at the entrance of the University and beside BILLA. My heart sunk when I went into Billa next and I saw more than 2x the size of the small bottle for €0.85. This was just unexplainably exasperating. 
A cup of coffee a day had become a MUST for me. 
My first cup was from KERN; a café above the library. I was adequately robbed in this beautiful café where a tiny cup sold for €2.50. I would NOT, maybe NEVER have but 3times that size of a cup of coffee for €2.50 in my home institute. I really needed it but promised not to be there again; not even to accompany someone else.


I later found out there was FREE water(hot and cold) right at the entry point to my department!!!
The array of coffee machines there was/is sort of a blessing if you don’t abuse coffee. More than 2times the cup at KERN did not even cost up to €1.60. Kai! I wasn’t happy with myself at all.

I had learnt.


PUNISHMENTS AND REWARDS: I wasn’t going to buy a box of chocolates because they looked good and all my taste buds were squirming or excited. I was going to buy them for a “good” reason: Energy boost or reward time and trust me, after dashing away my money as stated above, there was very little to be rewarded for?..Even when I wasn’t disciplined enough to eat a piece at a time, I had to face the consequence when I ACTUALLY did need a bar and didn’t have any left.
Even my “kryptonite”-books were subject to scrutiny this time around. I felt I was betraying myself when it came to buying books? but a part of me felt proud?


TICKETS AND SALES: I NEVER forgot my transport ticket; NEVER. LORD! The money I spent to get the ticket for one month was my transport fare for at least, 5months back in school. I wasn’t going to pay any extra fee because I was careless enough to forget my pass. Whenever I left home or needed a ride, it was ALWAYS, ALWAYS on my NECK. No taxis either?. Call it whatever; a girl’s got to be frugal??.
As for things on sales, AS LONG AS QUALITY isn’t compromised; way to go!!!
This saved me more than few cents.

TRYING MORE THAN PRAYING: I had a period where I couldn’t settle down to listen to God. I was more concerned about certain things I needed to ensure and tick off the box. I was making so much effort; trying to make different things work at the same time. It was exhausting and I was getting discouraged. One day, I heard, “you’re trying more than you’re praying”. I had to stop(figuratively) and go revisit my communion with God and I believed…

CHECKS AND BALANCES: It was a daily process, people. I had to check and see if I went wrong or right and how to make better choices. It did work for me and I was fine.

Medical Chronicles continues tomorrow ?


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