screenshot_2016-07-04-04-55-05.pngI tossed on my bed because there was a sound. I think an animal was in my room. I listened

Then tossed;
On three, I said to myself, “don’t be paranoid, it’s not possible for an animal to be in here”

It was nearly 5am on Monday morning. After my devotion, I got out of bed but in a very specific way: I got up flashing my phone in a particular direction and there. Bursts of Lade! Lade! the ~ is in the room went on for a few seconds. I wasn’t just prepared ??.


We made it! 6:43am. The bus was at the stop and so were we. The bus fair €6.40 people!!!! It was valid on until 4pm of the same day.

The directions we got to the hospital were pretty much accurate except the bus ride took a longer time and at some point, we had to alight the bus and walk. We found one of the university’s information centre and a lady kindly explained the route to our various departments. She gave Lade and I a map each for the entire hospital. This was the time we wished each other well and parted ways.

On a scale of 1-10 when it comes to directions (giving or receiving), I should be a 5. I was only too proud of myself when I used the map to get to my location without any hitches.

I was here. Auenbruggerplatz 34; the department of Paediatric surgery.
My contact person( the very famous Ms. Stradner) had sent me an email

“Do you speak English?” I asked a lady in a purple shirt and white pants. Yes, she replied with a smile.
I’m looking for Ms. Jacquelin; Ms. Jacquelin Lafer. She tried to describe the office but my direction scale was down to a 3. Come with me, she said. She took me to Ms. Jacquelin’s office and I met 2 other people; obviously a part of the program. They were dressed and had folders. I was some few minutes 11minutes late.

I was welcomed. Ms. Lafer was an average-height lady in glasses, with a beautiful and slightly deep voice. She is the secretary of my program supervisor, Prof. Dr. H. Till who happened to be the head of the entire Paediatric Surgery.
She gave me a key and explained that it opened ALL the ORs(Operating Rooms) and elevators. She asked if I wanted to get a meal card. I agreed to it even though I wasn’t sure I’d use it-I mean; no harm in collecting it right? She explained how the card worked and dropped her piece of advice. 
She also gave me a name tag.

You’re right. I had to clip those nails, after the efforts it took to treat/grow/maintain them. Worth it, though. 

She called a very jolly girl to help us get our remaining items. I was still feeling a little out of place cos, you know, first day and the fact that I wasn’t in a uniform. “I understand how it feels”, she said, “first days are always a mess”.
Honestly, that kind of eased me up; a little bit.

I got to the laundry room. It was BIG and filled with lots of coats. I got me a pair of tops and bottoms. I ALMOST objected when someone looked at me and said, size small. I’m grateful I did not.

We were heading out to the locker room in a somewhat different building and still feeling a little misfitted, I asked what the folders were about and if I was meant to have or be carrying one. The jolly girl asked how I got into the observership program. I’d cut the story. Her thoughts were that they probably had the folders because they were under an exchange program.
While the others dropped their folders in their lockers, I took off my home clothes and wore my white overall and pants. I felt like I was swimming in them.

I hadn’t got a locker key so I was to hold my bag or  “drop it in an office”.

Next, we were taken to Ms. Muller’s office. She was a friendly older lady.She wrote down quite a lot, adjusted a roaster, made copies while we waited and watched.

She spoke something in German. The jolly girl interpreted laughing: There’s another student from Slovakia who’s been here, Ms. Muller said she doesn’t know where he is. He’s gone… I didn’t understand at the moment but I later did.

I tried to find out the names of the two students: Mitte the Danish, Alhareth the Jerusalemite. Zdenko showed up a few minutes later; excited, happy and I was wondering why he was bubbling. It turned out he was the “missing” student. Then I got it!

Ms muller paired Zdenko and Mitte, Hareth and me. She gave us schedules which we had little clue as to what it implied.
She also gave us a pager, asked us to keep them charged and return them to her on our last day.


We waited for Dr. Schalamon and while we did; I got my keys ??
Even though they did not have to, they all followed me out to the locker room(I love you guys!)
We went headed back to the 2nd floor.
Zdenko started up with all the questions: where we came from, what year of study we were in, etc.

That was when I found out how close to the university they all stayed and that they were all on some exchange program.

Cissy(I’m sure this spelling is wrong) joined us. She’s German but studies in the MUG. She was in the department for a one-week paediatric surgery rotation.

We chatted and waited.
For Dr. Schalamon.
                                                                         to be continued…

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