One thing I noticed about the people in Graz/Austria was their friendly, kind nature. Seriously! 
It wasn’t just the medical staff. It seemed like a culture.Each time we got on the bus, the driver would either greet with a “Morgen”,(German for Morning) “Hello”, “Goodmorning”  or whatever time of the day that was. It was morning; early in the morning but everyone coming through that door said good morning with a smile as well as the driver. Coming down from the bus, they’d always wish you well.
Same thing within the hospital; Ok. Not everyone in the hospital but almost every staff/guest/visitor.screenshot_2016-08-11-13-50-02-1-1-1-1.png

Beyond the herniotomies and their revisitation, the wire rod removals, the rush, in fact, while these things went on, I was learning stuff that wasn’t so apparent. I’d share a few straight from my journal.

I learned not to be so absolved in myself. I mean, everyone I met, met me with a “morgen”, (*) as the case might have been.
They did so with a smile.
My resting face isn’t actually a smile and it took a lot of “snapping back” before I could instil in my memory that I was in a different environment where people make(have) actual eye contact; where people interact verbally and non-verbally even if for a very brief while. I couldn’t be concerned about my space alone and just get lost in my thoughts as it’s very common(In public places; that is)
I had to tell myself, I didn’t have to wait for someone to initiate a smile. I had to have my smile game on all the time.
I always had a pen and notepad with me.
If you’re a student/intern, always have this with you! 

It was still in this week I wrote this down.1467917342099-1

After writing this, I looked up to Hareth who was right in front of me. I’m usually the more reserved one but I put aside my note, asked how his family was faring(I’m not sure if he was surprised ??)We talked about school, the reasons we were where we were at the moment, our countries, the hope for her…
Honestly, we did feel a bit more relaxed then we headed for the OP(OR).


There’s something about making connections with people and being genuinely concerned. In an era where looking down or looking solely within is the more common thing, I’d like to be one more gong sounding that it’s important we look up and see the people with us; see them and probably, peep into their depth/soul.

Let’s listen to one another and have a good time while we’re at it.


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  • This is very true, its so easy to be so absorbed with just you and what you are doing. I wish I could always implement this though, I have to consciously try to do it

  • RuthsBlog

    Exactly. Especially when you are in an environment where it’s normal for everyone to “mind their businesses”: eyes straight, heads forward, ears plugged. People are shut out, nature is shut out; sometimes, even God is. There’s a very special world right before us; if only we can look up.
    Thanks for being here ❤️