Heeey! Who’s up from bed, still in bed, back from church, getting ready for an outing…
(Bottom line, how’s your Sunday coming along?)
I feel like I’ve been writing a month’s worth of work already but then, it’s just week one!
This is just an overview/round up of my first week.

The remaining part of my week was mind-blowingly good. I met more doctors/residents personally and from a distance and they were the coolest set of doctors I had ever seen in real life or in movies. Trust me.

I had to be up in the mornings at 4am for most of the time->devotion->shower->walk->bus ride->walk->morning meetings->business of the day.

I also had to put some things in my locker! The hunger was real and those hours standing were really long. I wasn’t ready to try the lunchroom. Maybe never. On few occasions, I was able to bring some food from home. My sandwiches??✌️

I spent my week basically in the OR because there wasn’t much to be done in the Green Ward. I was readily inspired by a lot of things happening and I didn’t stop writing.

I observed procedures and I KEPT ASKING QUESTIONS!
Being someone who had a slight challenge with questioning especially when it interrupted a procedure, I was amazed at myself. There were times the doctors asked me to hold on till a particular procedure was done.

The only “exposed” part of me a doctor could probably see was my neck and the portion between my eyebrow and mid nose ridge. I was like, I hope these doctors recognise me as an inquisitive one oh! ??? I was going to use that as a means not to pass off as a lazy or uninterested student cos all I genuinely felt was inspired, enthusiastic and ready to learn but voila! It hit me: I was the only black student and that’d be difficult to miss????????
It meant that any mess ups won’t go unnoticed either so it had to be consistent hard work all the way?

I eventually met THE permanently stressed doctor. Her stress wasn’t due to family issues or babies who passed on. We were her stress: foreign students. My first encounter wasn’t so bad. The doctor performing the procedure with her tried to neutralise her reaction. His words suggested I stay calm, patient and not be offended. He didn’t need to actually. I did not take it personally.
(Thanks, Dr. Schalamon for the heads up!).
It was a complicated lipoma removal from the wrist of a ‘some months old’ baby. The parents implied they had been too occupied to have had it checked out earlier.

I was really early to work after the first day. Some doctors/residents kept introducing themselves.
Dr. Christina was another really lovely doctor, and then there was Jacob(an intern) who gave us his page number and told us to call if we had any questions.

I mentioned “being readily inspired” in Lessons beyond medicine I & II and my enthusiasm had not tapered down even at the end of the 1st week.

Do you have a moment or experience that readily challenged or inspired you? Please share in the comment section below.

Thanks for being here,



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