In the wards and when the resident doctors explained schedules for the day, most of them wanted us to be present for the spectacular. There always told us which procedures we should do our best to witness
When non of such was happening, honestly, I did not mind picking up scrubs from the floor because apparently, there’s a skill/technique for almost anything and so, no knowledge/experience could have been a waste. 


I was getting fired up, inspired and quite a number of things were getting clearer for me.

There was this peace to my environment where I could BE: focus on what was going on and still have a semi-intense current of thoughts, flowing through my mind.
More than anything, I wanted to know and hear my sound and over everything, I wanted to hear God.

I wrote this down in my first week(without thinking of what you’d make of it 🙂 This is straight out of THE notepad):

It’s obvious that there is much for me to do: academically, spiritually, socially… I can’t keep backing out in fear. Even financially, I have to step up (management and savings).
Whatever time I have left, I have to take full advantage of it. No matter what little time is left, it is better than when it’s all over. It’d save me of all the regrets; many more regrets. Besides, it will open new pathways. My believe and working hard will unlock the possibilities that I have mislabelled, mistaken and misbelieved as impossibilities.

After this moment of awakening, I wrote: Things I Intend Doing
*Have a 6months plan; full One Year Plan to start with.
I made a list and by God’s Grace, I’d be working. 

In the course of this week, I wrote something. A faith testament.Yea, that. I called it a mantra at the time, then a creed. Typing it out now, I think I just got what it truly is: A faith testament. This would be one of my greatest expressions of faith: believing something I have no idea how it’d come to be.
It’s like me practising to sign my best selling English Novel over and over and over again when all I’ve succeeded in doing is stumble in my studying of the language to start with.

I won’t share this statement yet, but hopefully, in not more than a year from now, you and I would bear witness to the reality of this. 

You see, what made this an exceptional experience for me, where the things that could have passed off as unimportant sidebars.

God is faithful and intentional about every phase/moment of our lives and I, I can only be grateful and hope I yield to His perfect will. This is bliss, this is peace, this is life. I hope that this would be your testimony too.


Much love,

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