Oh, my! There was one question I was constantly asked every day I spoke with someone or chatted up someone else or at least when Lade and I caught up with each other on how our day was going:surgery-676375.jpg

???Throughout the week it was! I get their concern and understanding of this but the truth is, something in me  did not really really want that yet. I was experiencing so much within me and I wasn’t ready to pause or even top that experience. I needed to take in those moments and just be… I’m here for 4weeks; I told myself. If by the end of the 2nd week I hadn’t assisted in some surgeries then, would I begin to press a little further for an assist.
Theory/merely observing  cannot be compared to hands-on practice but honestly, I had a plan and more so, I was moving in a rhythm/sound that gave me peace.

I’ve been writing and y’all haven’t met Lade❤️
received_1235612543130084.jpeg IMG_5899 received_1235612559796749.jpeg

In our first week, we didn’t have SIM cards yet so we had a meeting point where we’d either just sit and talk or we’d meet to go home(if we were going together). It also had an open Wi-fi so, yeah:
MARTIN AUER it was for us.


We eventually got our Yesss! SIM cards(which we never topped up) and ditched Martin A. ??
I found the library. My! It was some library ❤️??. They also offered a registration process that allowed us to use the internet service wherever we were at the university although I didn’t get around activating it till the beginning of the 3rd week…

Sidebar to be continued…

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