Lade and I decided to leave work a little earlier on Thursday. We headed to a shopping mall called MURPARK which was very easy to locate.

I was out there more for the reason of hanging out and taking photos…
If you read my FINANCES, TIPS AND HOW I WAS ROBBED, you’d understand why I wasn’t interested in buying stuff.

My “not-at-all obsessive” love for gadgets kept my attention and focus on this:
I kept on thinking of the things I needed/wanted that I could find there: PASS!
There were all the stores of course: clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, perfumes etc: PASS!
We stopped to eat cos we were starving.
The ‘sight seeing’ continued. We(or at least I, was comparing prices of items I saw in one shop to another and doing all that calculation in my head. Don’t blame me).

We came into this store and I KNEW, there was NO WAY I was letting this skirt go. It was pretty and very affordable. I took this photo some days ago so you know what that means?

Sometimes, you make decisions but when it comes to really standing by them, you throw all the logic away. I began seeing things that were very tempting. For about two reasons, I PASSED!

I picked a pair of shoes. It was very much needed and so I didn’t mind at all. Even before I traveled, I knew I was at least one pair short so that was a very easy call to make.

We moved around till we were so exhausted. Our legs hurt so badly from all the work/walks in the hospital. I was really exhausted and I could only wonder how we were going to get home without me collapsing…

.*************THE WEEKEND****************
We spent the weekend indoors. We actually thought to go to a park but, Lade’s legs were in worse conditions(I think mine didn’t hurt as bad anymore) and quite honestly, I didn’t feel like it so, ??. home it was. If you have introvert(ed) tendencies, I don’t need to explain that feeling when it’s sort of ok to be out but BLISS to be indoors. ? 
My host remained ever so kind and the cats? Well… We were getting along quite well except for times like these when there chased me from my working seat or blocked the door so I couldn’t get to where I was going??


I was fine. We were and I was just glad for this point where we stood…

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  • I like reading your entries on your time there…

    • RuthsBlog

      Thank you ❤❤❤?. People like you give me encouragement to continue. Don’t stop either. You write beautifully.