I can’t believe that despite the aches from the stress of the first week, I looked forward to doing this again.
This was practically my “squad” ?

Waiting in front of The Meeting Room, someone worked up to me. Hard as it might seem to believe that I am one, my introverted self ❤️❣️, experienced a recoil within. More like a , “someone is coming to you, OmG! shut every “door”, be ready to shake your head and say No, you’d most likely not hear what she says so get ready to listen extra hard and ask her to repeat. Let the conversation be… (all those terrible voices I could sometimes hear). This happened in at most, a second. She said hi, introduced herself and…

what if I just stepped out of this place I have called me, home? I wasn’t sure I was ready to but we talked a little and got settled for the morning meeting.

She’s Nafissa Bourdoucen and at the time, I didn’t know we were going to be in for a worthwhile ride.
PS: I love you, girl. ?

Erm, was it the Red or blue ward this week? I  did not check my schedule when I should have during the weekend. Now I was trying to figure it out. Red it is!
For rounds, the Red/Yellow wards are “merged” together, btw.

I was really excited to be in the Red/yellow ward this week. Do you remember Dr. Christina and Dr. Jacob whom I mentioned in this post?
They were in these wards.

We’d begin in 5mins.
Hareth looked at me cos, we had experienced 5minutes somewhere else that had turned into almost an hour. We took a seat and waited.

The doctor in charge came around and we began. Oh! my! It was another enthralling experience. Before we moved to any room, Jacob explained the case(s) we were going to see. What made it even more interesting was the fact that he loved having us around and he was just so glad to explain what was going on or translate what the doctors were saying from German—>English language. 
I am not at liberty to discuss in details, the cases from this wards but I can tell you, it was either basically interesting and some were really sad. I saw a kid who fell on shattered glass but was healing fine, another whose cheeks had been beaten/scratched by a dog, infection in  patient with cystic fibrosis, a girl who had cholecystectomy,(sorry, I’d have to spare you the really interesting detail. I’d consider sharing it with those subscribed to the newsletter), patients with shattered bones, a rare, very rare case in a premature born ( I’m sorry I did not ask if it was ok to just share some of this stuff) but if you to ask me, I’d surely tell you ?

One thing you can NEVER get tired of is good hygiene; especially sanitizing your hands. Oh! my! These were EVERYWHERE and going into a room(even without touching anyone/thing) would constitute the use of them. It was like 2nd nature to the doctors/nurses. I watched, learned and practiced. 

I met Dr. Steinwender-again. He’s a really cool friendly/amazing orthopedic surgeon. I also met Dr.(Mrs.) Steinwender☺️. You’re familiar with her as the lovely Dr. Christina.

We went to the yellow ward where Dr. Stroeder took over. He was really happy to have us around and wanted the rounds to go on well. He felt late to the party as he was meeting us for the first time in week 2.
We went on: more cases, more background stories,  more wonder, more admiration, more inspiration.


After 2hours of ward rounds, Jacob got a print out of the OR schedule. He explained what the surgeries were about and which was going to be really interesting to observe. We left the wards and headed to the OR to observe more procedures.

I had some questions lingering, though. I wanted to go see Dr. Till but it seemed God was giving me someday else. I wasn’t sure but I decided to wait. While I did, Dr. Sorantin “picked” me up and I went for lectures organised by CEEPUS for Paediatric &Adolescent Medicine. I wasn’t an exchange student but it wasn’t exclusively for them so not only was I part of the observership program, I was going to be attending these lectures after work and when I could.

The question regarding whether I had scrubbed in still came up through this week. I was almost getting nervous about having to answer a “NO each time. 2weeks. 2weeks you said, I reminded myself.


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