MEDICAL CHRONICLES|12|Week Two: Stay-Home Day

I tried.

I tried to get up but I was way too tired. I wasn’t going to be able to make it to the hospital today. I felt really bad and my mind kept wondering to the hospital.I kept imagining what must have been going on. I grabbed my phone, sent Hareth a message to let him know I wasn’t going to be around and asked him about the schedule for the day. He couldn’t reply immediately and I was even more disturbed??. It wasn’t so funny then. I wanted to be in rounds. I wanted to be in the OR but my body wouldn’t take that sort of stress. I might have been able to; probably with one cold shower and at least two cups of coffee but either way, “she” would have demanded rest from me at some point. I sent Zdenko a facebook message and an SMS but everyone seemed to be far away from their devices.
A while after, Hareth replied. We chatted briefly about why I needed some rest and the schedule for the day. He reassured me it was ok to stay home and I did feel a little better. A pectus excavatum correction surgery had been carried out.???
*Pectus excavatum is an abnormal condition when the ribs and sternum/breastbone (the bone between the left and right breast), are deformed so that the chest is sunken or caved in. Get it?
Zdenko replied much later.

I spent the day on the first floor; finishing the blog post on A Lesson on Raising My Kids
I don’t know of other bloggers but it sort of takes a lot of time, attention, commitment, and sometimes, more courage than regular, to put a post together.
I was exhausted from Tuesday but I worked on one post till about 1-2am and I still wasn’t done!!! I think I was having a temperature already?. Probably cos I had to draw, take photos of different stages of the sketch, arrange my adorable cousins’ photos and handle an apartment booking for a friend almost at the same time.  Working with their photos gave me joy and strength cos they’re just a treasure to behold ANYTIME!

The Indestructible four
The Indestructible four

img_20160713_132648.jpgSome posts are just more work/commitment than others but I do my best to put the words and all together, with truth and love ?

Nothing much. It was totally fine to have a day like this; I just had to convince myself ?

Come back again ok? Better days ahead.
Thanks for your time.



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