In the month of July, I had what I called theme songs. There were two of them: Shakira’s Try Everything for the animation, Zootopia. The second was “Good, Good, Father” especially Darrel Wall’s rendition.

Standing in an open space with my camera in hand, I was wondering how weird it’d have been to go into Dr. Till’s office, again and ask for a photo this time around. I began the whole process of walking and peeping to see if he was in the hallway. I did this for about 5minutes. It was more awkward because doctors kept passing by and all I did was stand with a bag in my hand. “Try everything” kept playing in my head but I couldn’t summon the courage to walk through the door and ask for a photo with him so, I paced. I talked myself out of it. I was heading back to the locker room but then, I returned upstairs and waited. Nothing happened.
A conversation ensued in my head.
Voice 1: “Don’t worry”. “You can always find his pictures online.
Voice 2: “This is the last time you’d see him; if not forever, for a very long time”.
“You love this man as a mentor, why not walk through that door and just ask for a photo with him?”
Voice 1: “Who would take the photos?” (His secretary was not around).
Voice 2: “Ruth, you can do this”. “Walk through that door”. “Forget that this is something you usually don’t do”. “You can do it even now”. “Walk through that door”…
I had more thoughts than I can put down.
Finally, I decided to take a seat. Since he was packing up to leave the office, I was going to wait just opposite the elevators.

I don’t know how long it took but he walked out of the hallway. Before I could say, Jack, he had hit the elevator button. I got up quickly, rushed to meet him and asked for a photo.
With eyes wide open, he looked at me like, “Unbelievable!” “Make it quick”, he said.
Someone walked by and he implored him to take a photo of us. He willingly obliged.
I showed him what buttons to push and quickly returned to join Dr. Till.


I was so happy. (Don’t even say a word about that coat! Don’t!)
As I backed him, he went into the elevator. Just as the door was about to close, he said, “Come back ok?” “Come back and we’d teach you paediatric surgery”
I smiled and nodded: I will.
That was the “last” goodbye. I was ecstatic.

I kept looking at that photo. Truth is, I think we both looked a little tired but I didn’t care so much.
You wouldn’t believe that I took out my phone and took a photo of the photo ??.

Biko. Seeing all it took me and how proud of myself I was for going back to that office, I wasn’t ready for a mysterious story like  the photo was mistakenly deleted from my memory card. Don’t blame me. If I had an Eye-Fi card, that wouldn’t have been an issue. This photo of the photo was my only backup for now. ?

I went to the locker room. I met Nafissa. We talked a bit. We were getting to interact more often although, I was in the Red ward and she was assigned to the ambulance for that week. Marija joined us. She’s a sweet, sweet student from Lithuania, studying in Graz.
I was done for the day. I felt a deep sense of fulfillment for that afternoon. Back in the locker room, Nafissa, Marija and I had a good time getting more acquainted with each other; where we came from, what we loved to do, our experiences in different places, etc. At about 1pm, Lade was through with her day’s work. I changed into my own clothes. She and I grabbed some durum kebab then set out to Jakominplatz…
Photo-story from Jakominiplatz coming soon.

Is there a time you wanted to do something and held back because of fear or something else? Share with us your experience(s) in the comment section.
Meanwhile, enjoy “Try Everything” and “Good, Good Father


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  • I am happy you finally got the picture…there are a lot of things I wanted to do but out of fear I didn’t, example starting a business in this country…I still haven’t found my way around that. I am happy though that I got over my fear and started my blog.

    • RuthsBlog

      Yaaaaaay! Bit by bit. I think the blog was a huge step. Well done and congrats too. I’m sure a lot of people just think it’s all about clicking the” sign up for WordPress” button. Well, it is but there are so many unseen things people conquer to be able to make that click. You did and I’m grated for you. Keep going girl and no matter how fear has made you put things on hold, still hold on to those dreams/desires. The only thing that is allowed to dismiss them is God’s voice.
      I write too much ??