TUESDAY, August 19th

I love to run. It’s one goal to run consistently every day or as often as I know the need to. I couldn’t stand the thought of needing to run and not have my running shoes with me so, they were the last things I packed when I was travelling.
Monday  was a very long day considering the spree that went on yesterday and my extra stay at the hospital for lectures.

I woke up Tuesday morning with the resolve to run. All my attempts to run previously had failed cos the neighbourhood was pretty dark between the only hour I could spare before my shower: 4am-4:45am. The only day I attempted going out that early, it rained quite heavily. I managed a few press ups on some days.
It didn’t matter that I was doing an average of ten thousand steps a day(10,000), I missed running.

I settled that I’d leave for work much later so, with everything ready, I started off running with ANTHEM LIGHTS as my company.

I ran through unknown paths and returned home. A few more keep fit moves and I was done. My host was on a one week vacation. He had asked that we help water the flowers and take care of the cats. Tuesday was a plant watering day so, I watered them still listening and dancing to Anthem Lights.


I finished that, made something to eat and had this long and worthwhile chat with a friend. By this time, it was getting to 10am. The chances of me going to the hospital? Slim.

For the first time, I looked at the camp beds in the garden with longing.
I laid down there. It was just such a great experience having the sun pamper my skin. I tried to catch a moment of rest. My mind was having a had time keeping it together so I wandered from place to place till I eventually set a timer for 20minutes of rest without thinking of a lot of stuff.

Since I had missed work activities, I still went to the hospital, attended the 2pm meetings then lectures.
The Internation relations department had organised an Intercultural Get Together(IGT) which was scheduled for 4:15PM- 5:30PM. Our lectures were over before 4pm and so there was some time to do something else.
I didn’t want to get some ice cream so I passed on Sabrina and Nafissa’s offer. I stayed back and wrote. I had a lot of things to pen down and at some point, I thought I’d miss the IGT.

I left for the IGT at a time that’d put me there at 4:15; ok, 4:20pm. I met a Pakistani girl; Zara. She was a Ph.D. student and she was very relaxed. She felt very free in the environment and didn’t seem like anything or anyone was new to her. We got to the venue. It was a very simple informal setup with a long table filled with snacks, drinks, and water, with people from different programs and nationalities as well as a coffee machine in one corner. Never leave out the coffee?.

There was no schedule. No format on how that 1hour and 15minutes should be spent. We kept interacting with people till Zara asked that we all introduced ourselves at least. It was a beautiful experience. They were people from different backgrounds in terms of race, school programs, universities, continents, gender, religion and belief systems etc. After the introductions, I informed them I had a camera; just in case. Most of the students were there as part of their ERASMUS program.

We just chatted with people as we desired as we had some snacks.
Harvey sat beside me. He looked nervous and that made me a little nervous. I was not exactly the kind of person to start up conversations so, I felt we were going to have an awkward moment.
I asked his name, where he was from and all that stuff. After we exchanged info, he told me that for the first time, he had failed an experiment that day. (He’s into those tasking but cool research thingies). I encouraged him. We kept speaking and got better acquainted.
After I made the camera announcement, he said he wanted a photo.

Nafissa, Samira, and Mitte came in later. They helped ease things for me cos you know, familiar faces. I was able to go meet new people with Nafissa’s added push. It went well. I’d like to think we really had a great time talking with one another and getting to know each other. Phones, gadgets and other things were abandoned. We just talked.

After a while, Ms. Stradner had to end the session. We went downstairs and took some photos…
The camera came in handy at the end of the day…
I was truly grateful for the experience.
screenshot_2016-08-23-14-54-10-1.png screenshot_2016-08-23-14-55-16-1.png screenshot_2016-08-23-14-56-05-1.png




Ms. Stradnerscreenshot_2016-08-23-15-22-39-1.png

Give the time needed to work, to play, to exercise, to be with your loved ones, to listen to others. Take time to rest and do what you love whether it’s your 9am-5pm or not. 
God bless you and I hope your days are filled with beautiful memories.

Much love,

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