It was my regular practice to arrange my things for the next day at night. I packed up my bag, ensured my pager was charged, arranged what clothes and shoe(s) I’d be using.
Wednesday night was a shocker as I didn’t see my locker room key.
I was very worried because I know I had done my best to always keep my stuff properly. I had even commended myself a few days ago. Now, it felt like I jinxed it. I checked everywhere but couldn’t find it. I walked my mind through the happenings of the day.
I felt really terrible. I told myself to calm down. Probably, I left it in the keyhole which was highly unlikely.
Asides the fact that there were consequences concerning losing keys/cards, this upset me real badly for reasons best understood by me.
I woke up with this pain that I didn’t know where my key was. I packed a sandwich for work and headed to the hospital. On getting there, I searched for my key but I didn’t find it.
Nafissa came in and tried to calm me down. She let me put my things in her locker and she took me to the laundry room where I got a better-fitted white coat??. We headed off for the morning meeting and after that,we all decided what we wanted to do and where we were going from there. I returned to the locker room to take off my personal clothes and eat! Eat because I didn’t want her locker smelling of sandwich and because I was sad. I did leave some for her still.
(Btw, we unintentionally had this tradition where she handed me an apricot most mornings.)

The strangest thing happened!!!
It wasn’t the key.
I got paged! We never got paged. Even when my pager rang once, I ran out of my lectures to answer the call; only for the caller to say it was a mistake.
I took the call. The caller sad they needed an assistant in OR 2. I knew Mitte was going to be there so I told her someone was on the way. It wasn’t right to run off when clearly, I knew that in few minutes time, Mitte would be there.

I unwrapped my sandwich and enjoyed it. I was taking my time. I dragged myself to go observe a procedure in OR 1. I had just changed  to surgical wear when a  nurse took a call. 
“Please.” “Please”, she said. “Can you go and assist the doctor in OR 4?” I wasn’t excited for 2 reasons: I wanted my key for one and two, Nafissa said she was going to OR 4. “Please”, she said again. Ok, ok. I responded. She told the doctor I was coming. Apparently, he wanted someone who had scrubbed in there before. Have you assisted in a surgery before? I affirmed. “In a herniotomy?” I said no but that I had assisted in an orchidopexy. “That’s good”, she said. As I left that OR, I immediately paged Nafissa to know why I had been called. Let’s just say, the doctor wasn’t exactly patient with her.

I got there, scrubbed in, got dressed and joined the doctor. I had to practice being firm and tender at the same time. I had to hold the retractors with hooks firmly enough so that his pull would not displace them and still hold them with close to zero pressure cos “he’s just a 3kilo baby”
This working environment seemed to have a little more pressure than my previous assists. I don’t think anything changed for me, though. All that mattered was that I understood what I was to do. No pressure within me.
The doctor and I weren’t exactly interactive but after a while, he spoke up.
It took a while longer but all went well. I felt like telling him that his close up was flawless(Cos it was!). I just walked out…

If you looked at the title, you’d see 19a implying something’s still coming your way ?

Write you soon.

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