It was one of those days where I was just very tired. I headed to the locker room at the end of my day and met up with Nafissa, Samira. Some of our friends were leaving before the final day of our program ????. Since college was reopening, they needed to head back. It was Samira’s last day in her department and also her birthday. She was trying to put together a get-together but no one was sure yet. I was invited. The introvert in me recoiled immediately but Nafissa was always a good push and good motivation.
I told them that if the details of the get-together didn’t get to me too late, I’d try to make it.

You know I lived in the countryside. It was some distance.
Mitte’s last day was Monday. Every time I thought of it, I felt this pang???. We had grown as friends and workmates through the course of this weeks. Saying goodbye was much tougher than I ever imagined.

I went home still pained from losing my key.  Exhaustion from God knows what exactly, led me to sleep. This was not common practice for me at all. No matter how tired I was, I always or almost always did some work. This day was different. 
My phone rang. I wasn’t going to take that call. I couldn’t go back to sleep and the headache set in. 
I got a message at 5:34pm saying the dinner was at 6:30pm. I also got another message saying the residents wanted us to meet for a night out at 7:30pm. 
This was the second time they were inviting us out.
The bottom line is, I considered my options and decided to hang out with the residents since their timing was convenient. Nafissa cancelled and went for Samira’s dinner.
The truth is, it was one of those moments I decided to put myself out there. Thinking of it right now, I can’t believe I woke up, cleaned up, ate and headed out again.

While on the bus, I finally summoned the courage to send a contact person a mail stating that I had lost my key. 
I don’t know what I opened my bag for. This very bag I had checked 1000 times.


Therein, lay my brass piece of metal with the crested No. 34 on it. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I couldn’t contain my excitement. 

7:17pm. I found my key!???
Of course, I sent Nafissa a message and we thanked God for it and told each other to have fun.

Sophie, Ruja, and Gerlinda were already at the restaurant when I arrived. Elena and Jacob joined us a little later.
It was a bit awkward at first. For a moment, I wish someone was with me. The ice began melting when they spoke English and explained what was going on.
People!!! These are like the coolest, very real, most down to earth residents!!!
When I learned that Sophie had 4 kids, I was even more, mind blown.
We talked about ourselves, about doctors, medicine, things we loved, experiences here and there, etc. We had drinks and some ate proper meals. Jacob secretly went in to pay for my drinks. He was like “You’re a student; you shouldn’t pay for that”
Seriously, they talked about quite a great deal. They related to/with me as one of them. Elena talked me through the process she went through before she was where she was. We laughed a lot. It was a very good evening indeed.
We spent about 2hours 15minutes together and called it a night.
We all had a long day but everyone was glad for a photo❤️

I got back home at about past 12am on Friday morning
Friday evening was the day I was to leave for Budapest…


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