MEDICAL CHRONICLES|20| Riding With Strangers: AirBnB and BlaBlaCar

Remember my neighbourhood with lots of green area, colored houses and beautiful people?
I got to be in this neighbourhood by getting a house through the “online marketplace”, Airbnb.

The way it goes, you find a host who after various interactions, accepts or rejects your request to stay in their apartment.
There are pros and cons about this. If you’d spare some minutes, you can watch the Ted Talk where Joe Gebbia, the co-founder of Airbnb explains the concept.
Let me know your opinion on this ok?


Initially, I had planned all my journies out of Graz/Austria via bus or train.

My friend later informed me of BlablaCar which she learned about through other medics she had frequent interactions with.
BlablaCars is a system that connects people who need to travel with drivers who have empty seats.
(Blah blah refers to the level of chattiness either of the driver or the passenger)
Lade and I decided to try it out when we were travelling to Vienna. It was such a pleasant ride. The driver was nice. Always ensured we were comfortable. It was a Hyundai I40 kombi car. Lade and I sat behind while another passenger, an easy going lady, sat in front.

In this part of the world  where I used blablacars, the great thing is, it saves cost by a little less or more than 50% and sometimes, time (when compared to traveling by train or some buses).
Comfort isn’t really a factor considering that the buses are always comfortable; some like Flixbus are equipped with toilets, a lot of baggage allowance (3 pieces actually), your collapsible seats and Wi-Fi.

Safety remains the biggest issue here and honestly, I thought of it but, the explorer in me was ready to try it out. I did. Very fortunately, I didn’t have the slightest complaint about this service.

This was what encouraged me to take a step further and travel to Budapest, Hungary, with BlablaCars instead of taking a commercial bus or train…
I was travelling alone this time. The journey was for Saturday the 23rd. It wasn’t so bad when the driver asked if it was ok for us to leave Friday at 6pm…
It was still convenient for me so we agreed. I closed from work, headed home, had my weekly hair wash and twist and set out for Budapest with a stranger. We were to meet at an agreed point…

Join me in Budapest: Paris of the East… Tomorrow



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