Medical Chronicles|21| Weekend Photo Story|| Budapest: Paris Of The East

Hello, loves!
On Friday, I took a ride via BlablaCars (from Graz, Austria to Budapest, Hungary) with 2 lovely sisters and their grandma. It was slightly over 4hours and it was smooth, pleasant ride.
I arrived Budapest at about past 10pm.
When we got into the city, it was such a beauty to behold. In that moment, as I looked through the window, at this city full of lights,  I forgot how tired I felt.
The lights, the structures were just purely beautiful.??
I love architecture. I’m intrigued by ancient architecture.
I am even more fascinated by the stories that this middle ages-renaissance buildings tell us. I couldn’t wait to explore the environment. I was so grateful that my trip to Budapest was rescheduled to Friday evening.

I’d skip my activities and go straight to my explorings.
The city of Budapest is a very beautiful place. Every place was filled with tourists and almost everything had a story to tell. I was only too glad to listen.
I had gotten a headstart as to how to navigate my way through the city when my Airbnb host in Budapest(yes, I used it again)  took me to The central Market.

It was during this period that I had my first sighting of the bridges.
We returned home and because it began to rain already, I had to stay put for a while.
I readied my camera, readied myself and hit the road again

I tried some photo-taking but I won’t be able to post them all.
This, however, in addition to the numerous fast food restaurants on the same street close to where I lived, reminded me of some of the reasons we no longer fit into our clothes after summer break.

My first stop was at the Opera. It’s located at Andrassy Avenue 22. The metro stop beside it is named after it: Opera.
The Hungarian Opera House is a neo-renaissance opera house, skillfully decorated indeed with baroque elements.
screenshot_2016-08-28-14-16-55-1.png screenshot_2016-08-28-14-19-55-1.png
I headed back to the Danube river as I had booked for a boat cruise.There was a promo going on and so I had unlimited boat rides for 24hours ??.
Before I reached the river bank, I stopped at this restaurant. It was in my plan to try something native to the people.
I settled for Goulash on a waitress’ recommendation
I also had a real piña colada. My absolute love for Hawaii 5-0 and the fact that my favorite characters had this drink, almost led me to get a Blue Hawaii but after googling the contents, I knew it wasn’t for me.

Goulash was fine: tomato stew, lots of veggies, chopped beef and potatoes.
I love soups. It was very similar to the Ukrainian Borscht.
I’m also a bread lover so I always throw a thumbs up for native restaurants who give a compliment; especially bread, pita or lavash. However, it seemed some detergent had gotten into my bread, somehow.
I stayed on a railroad trying to capture photos of different events and people.If I knew the stress involved in sorting photos alone, I wouldn’t have taken 500photos in less than 24hours?(says the girl who’s still taking MULTIPLE photos of a single teacup)
I feel at home being behind the lens but not in front of it. I could, however, tell if someone could take a fairly good photo of me by looking at the camera hanging down their necks.
I asked this guy for his help and he so obliged.

I tried a lot more photos.
I felt really happy and confident. The people, the activities going on, the stories I tried to form in my head… I was happy.
I looked at the entire length of the Danube river. I wasn’t just going to stand and wait for nightfall. I decided to walk and see the sights before the tour.
My understanding/the picture I had of the transition from day to evening to night was completely overthrown by this singular event going on at the Lajos Kossuth Square…

Stay tuned for more amazing photos and stories from this journey. I promise it’d be worth it. Kindly share this post with friends and leave comments if you please.

Lots of love from me.

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