Medical Chronicles |21a| Budapest: Walks and Transitions

BUDAPEST is divided into two sides, Buda and Pest, by the Danube river.
Buda is the western part of the Hungarian capital and lies on the west bank of the Danube river. It is the hilly/woody part of the city.Notable structures there include the citadel, the Buda castle, the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Gellert Hill, the St. Mathias Church.
Pest, on the other hand, comprises the eastern part and two-thirds of the city. It is the flat lying part of the capital and has the Andrassy Avenue, the Hungarian Parliament House, the Inner City and the Heroes’ Square on its side.
I decided to walk and experience the moments on my own.

I took pictures of almost everything I thought significant; I had the belief that everything told its own story so you could imagine what photos I took.
I held out my camera and from a far off distance, began capturing the Elisabeth bridge till I came close to it and walked on it.


Dressed in their white shirts, black pants, and bow ties, I met these bachelors who were having the time of their lives. It was a bachelors’ night for one of their friends who was getting married. They had this game they were playing and they needed my help. I wasn’t going to run away like I’d have done. I was wearing the tourist+try everything hat and I did help out. Nothing dangerous, nothing I wouldn’t do under normal circumstances in such an environment.

My first intention was solely the Elisabeth Bridge. However, after the walk, I still felt up to it so I kept walking. I saw this waterfall beneath a statue. I approached it, took photos and then admired it.
It wasn’t until my tour at night that I learned the significance of the statue and waterfall: St. Gerard, a Bishop in earlier Hungarian times was killed for his faith. There are different tales of his death but the common thing is, he was hauled from the Gellert hill, into the Danube river. The waterfall is a symbol of that fall.


I kept walking…
People all over would not stop asking for photos when they see melanin. You take one, so will I?

I made my way to the Liberty bridge. They were so many people beneath, on top, all around the bridge. Lots of friends together, lovers having their time, families having a small picnic, etc. Different categories of people were here.


I found this truly amazing; how we diligently and sometimes, beautifully break the rules.

I watched these people play and it was so heartwarming. For a moment, I felt tears well up within me. It wasn’t the tears actually. My heart just felt really warm. I wondered what their story was but in that moment, I was happy to be a part of their beautiful.

I had come a long way and I only prayed for strength to be able to walk back.
I did.

By the time I began approaching the docks, it was getting dark already. This was at past 8pm.
I sighted my first orange. Lights were beginning to come on. They came on gradually. What I felt experiencing that transition was a mix of the tingle of excitement, the warmth brought by awe and the longing to see more, know more and be part of more…


The concluding part follows in the next post…
See you there?


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