MEDICAL CHRONICLES|22| WEEK 4: The Power Of A Meal, Together

Before the current book I’m reading,(You could follow which books I’m reading via Goodreads, at the bottom of any blog page) I was studying Jefferson Bethke‘s It’s Not What You Think. He talked about the symbolism of a meal on the table, illustrating even from the last supper and another real life happening. (I’d really recommend this book to anyone, everyone. So many things; our relationship with God, with man and thus, our existence, is indeed more than what we think).
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Today was the day Mitte was leaving. After the morning meeting, we gathered together for some photos.
Dr. Sophie and Dr. Steinwender joined us ?❤️❤️
I felt really sad but I understood that goodbyes had to happen and sometimes, for good reasons too. Nafissa suggested we had a meal at the lunchroom. Remember the lunchroom I said I didn’t think I was going to visit in this post?

Well, I did. OmG!
The meal was nice!!! It was something I’d so willingly prepare for myself or any guest for that matter. There was an array of different foods, salads, and fruits. The menu changed every day as I later learned. It was very affordable too.
While this was not my first meal from the lunchroom, it was equally satisfying and delicious.


We had lunch together and after we bade farewell, Nafissa and I remained at the lunchroom. We finished our meal and began talking. I don’t remember exactly what sparked the conversation but, there was I, talking about things that previously, would have taken me months or years to share with someone. I spoke about so many things that surrounded me or influenced me into who I was today. 
From being bullied to responsibilities, expectations, to passions, gifts, love, talents, dreams, I told quite an amount. She began and then I listened.
*Deep sigh*
Lemme just say, we had quite a great, deal of similarities. But I knew that she was a girl, much stronger and gifted than face value could say.
So much for having a meal together and not just pressing our phones or taking photos all through.
We came into that lunchroom, not as strangers but we surely left with a bond greater than I could have expected…
We strolled out still talking till our conversation went to something else.

Whenever you get to sit at a table with someone, especially a friend, do more than hurriedly eat your meal. Do more than check Instagram, facebook, etc. For the love of God, don’t bother plugging your ears. In the words of Jefferson Bethke:

I was grateful for this and I was grateful for each day and the blessings in form of people or opportunities.

Have you had any table experiences?? Feel free to share or look forward to a greater experience when next you are at the table for this, was not my last experience…

Much love,


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