Tuesday night was not a very pleasant one for me.
Wednesday was here and I sure wasn’t making it to the hospital. There was a tour of the university’s research facilities. Even though I had my reservations about going, I sent my contact person an email 2hours before and informed her I wanted to participate in it.

After calculating the time needed, I got ready and walked to the bus stop. Asides the fact that I was early for the bus and got terribly scorched by the sun, the bus delayed for a very long time. By the time I reached the University’s stop, I was 7minutes late. That was a big deal for me so, I forfeited it. The only thing that could have made me come down from the bus, would have been to get a bottle of very cold water.

Feeling exhausted and with a bit of frustration, I slept throughout the journey till I reached Jakominiplatz. I was here again and I wanted to know if I could get some Austrian badges or souvenirs. I try to pick up something very inexpensive but beautiful as a reminder of wherever I’ve been to. I thought I’d be able to pick some up for some friends but, it ended up not being as inexpensive as I had hoped.

Before reaching the main square, I stumbled upon a bookstore ❤️.
I LOVE books. The sight of the arrangement of the books alone lifted the sleep from my eyes and I felt lighter. The thirst remained, though. ?
I walked through the section with English books. I felt the books, picked some up, smiled at titles and just imagined what greatness lay inside those pages. I was really excited. I went to other floors cos the bookstore had  three floors. I wasn’t sure about buying books even though, almost every fibre in me screamed to pick up a book from the so termed vintage classic. Tony Morrison’s Beloved was something I couldn’t take my eyes off.  didn’t have internet service so I couldn’t compare prices. Really. I wasn’t going to let my awe push me into purchasing something I’d wished I bought somewhere else.
I left with a resolve to return.
I still owe you all a post on Jakominiplatz and the Graz tour. God help me.
This was a failed attempt at trying to keep a memory of that bookstore.

I breezed into some stores still looking for affordable items but ended up disappointed.
I finally saw a small restaurant serving iced lemonade. Not for free of course. I stopped by, had a drink and brought out my camera. I walked along these now familiar streets. I had checked out souvenir stores before leaving home but for some weird reasons, I couldn’t find them.
I then decided to visit the Styrian Armoury.
I can’t put into words, the wonder of this place; especially considering the fact that photos were not allowed to be taken. 
I got a student discount and paid for an audio guide.
It is home to about 32,000 exhibits arranged through 4 floors. It is the world’s largest historic armoury.
Seeing the weapons/armours used and unused in the middle ages was just SURREAL!!!

I was itching, itching to run my hands through some of them but that was not allowed either. As the arranged exhibits were grouped and numbered, I could just press the corresponding number on the audio guide and get as much information as I needed about any exhibit. I can’t put into words, people. It was just awesome and exciting I thought I’d shed a tear.
screenshot_2016-08-31-15-25-45-1.png screenshot_2016-08-31-15-30-44-1.png

Unfortunately, when I left the armoury, it began to rain. I threw the habit of checking the weather forecast through the window; now I was paying for it.
I walked and walked and walked still searching for an affordable souvenir.
The thing is, on days like this, I have at least, my laptop and camera in my bag; probably with a book, my purse(heavy from the coins) and my Kindle.
My shoulders heard it ??
After much, I got a beautiful snow globe.
I bought some fruits, got on a bus and headed back home…

Walking back home, I got beaten by the rain but somehow, I felt happy. I didn’t play in the rain as a child. I still won’t voluntarily do it but I sang, danced and walked my way through it till I got home…
Hope you come back again.

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