Earlier this week, Toon and Nen joined the program. They were two med school girls from Thailand. It was a great feeling meeting them and better still, being able to help them around. We were present together with Dr. Steinwender in OR 1. Even though we always had to wear heavy protective radiation clothing in OR 1, I loved being there when he was there. He’s so much positive energy and a great teacher. It was in this surgery I witnessed the tale that he loved Rock music during procedures.

He didn’t forget our names ever (cos, whenever there were doctors were we were, he’d introduce us to them). He spoke with us to on casual and medical issues.

I knew something was really upsetting me. Sometimes, it’s like a chain reaction: one thing goes wrong then many others begin to fall apart. An issue I did not create was upsetting me and that mood led me into recounting the mistakes I had made that week so, I got upset with myself as well

This week could have been tagged “The Week Of Surgery Theft”. Irrespective of what reasons made him present in ORs our assignments gave us a right to be in and assist in,this one guy, the new guy, was everywhere we were to be; that’s because he was the beloved of the doctor who was stressed out by foreign students *rolls eyes*
On this particular morning, Dr.Paul had told me that someone was already assisting in his surgery but I was welcome to watch. I wasn’t bothered about assisting or not. I was just glad to be there.

The day I felt terrible was when I matched into the OR and waited. The doctor in charge and all the nurses were aware I was scrubbing in that day. We were just waiting for the first procedures to be done. The moment I saw the foreigner not-friendly doctor, I felt something was going to go off. Next thing, the doctor was apologising to me that someone else had to take over. Guess who? That one guy.
I stood there, watched him scrub in and proceed.
Still in this week, I was booted out; no thanks to that same doctor.

When it seemed even my friends didn’t care about who was supposed to be where based on wards anymore,I think I lost it.I felt pretty bad; really bad. We didn’t have a code, yeah but I expected what I expected.

I had known these people enough to know we weren’t going to intentionally mix up things. This fact didn’t make  things any better till I stepped back, analysed all that I had experienced and came to a conclusion. This was the conclusion that changed everything for me.It was what truly mattered at the end of the day.

To be continued tomorrow ??…
For those of you following daily, 2more days and this edition of Medical Chronicles would be over. Let me know how you have enjoyed it or otherwise.


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  • Bolanle O P Musa

    ‘Life’ Ruthie. Its all good until life throws you a curve. But I am glad that you are appreciative of all the good God has given and the beautiful outweighs the ugly. It is well with you Never allow anyone change your desire for the best. Enjoy your time left and Happy new month.

    • RuthsBlog

      Yes Ma. You are RIGHT! Thank you for always being here in a very special way. I love you, Ma.

  • Happy New Month!! I joined the party a bit but I love Medical Chronicles..

    • RuthsBlog

      Happy New Month love! I don’t think you did ?I’m truly grateful for your presence and I feel so privileged to have you in this blog tribe ?

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