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Feeling a little reluctant that Thursday, I went to have lunch. My friends always called for lunch. The meals were good enough so I didn’t mind going back. Nafissa, Zdenko and I were together. She had to leave pretty earlier.

I still wanted to be alone but there was Zdenko, smiling with so much life as usual. The very funny thing was how he told me I was always bright and smiley.

That was definitely him, probably not me, but he insisted.
We got into the conversation about our countries, our systems, the degradations, our hopes and how we planned to play certain roles, beginning now. Lord! It was a blessing listening to him. In my heart, I heard a whisper: My dreams are still valid.
No. This was not merely a line from Lupita Nyong’o’s story. This was true for me.
I have this book(s) where I wrote a lot of dreams/revelations about what I wanted to do/be. Somehow, as I grew older, I didn’t just see how these things fit together or if I could carry on. Life happened and I think I’d say I felt discouraged, disqualified and not informed enough to handle those dreams. A new wave of hope was brought to life as we spoke. I rejoiced within me. Even though he and I belonged to different countries, different continents even, I was grateful that I could almost always be sure that in this time of so much mess ups, in this time where a lot of people feel ok gathering stuff just for themselves alone, people settling for less than purpose criticising or chasing things that won’t matter in a short while, people that choose to stay uninformed, somewhere out there, was Zdenko, with beliefs that I shared and treasured.
After the lunch and a brief wait, we attended the last lecture for the program and got our certificates.

Home called…

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