This day was finally here! Unlike blogging about it, the experience in Graz, Austria seemed like yesterday.

While having my last coffee and chocolate ritual, I saw a dad and son walk to the machine to get some yogurt. We greeted.
I knew he was Nigerian. He offered to get me a drink but I was fine.
We spoke a little while then he gave me some great advice and blessed me in prayers. This was another remarkable moment for me.

I returned to watch a procedure with Hareth.

He bent a little and whispered, “It was nice meeting you. You’re a good partner”.
I definitely held both hands to my chest. Same here, Hareth and so are you, I told him.
In that moment, it flashed through my mind: how we all started out as strangers, how we learned to stay in touch and look out for not just ourselves but each other, how we made it to this day. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye but I knew I didn’t have a choice.
Since I had collected my certificates(for the program and the CEEPUS lectures), my plan was to leave at 12pm especially because I had intentions of visiting the bookstore again.
When I met up with Nafissa, she didn’t let me leave at 12. She said we had to wait till 2pm to take photos with some doctors. I felt trapped but not in a bad way. I tried to tell her there was nothing to do. 
We began working from place to place, taking photos. We tried all sorts of poses and laughed so hard. It was all so jolly till one of us stated the obvious: “today’s our last day”?
Nafissa’s a bit public photo shy else, I’d have flooded this space with photos and a 6second clip.We took photos till it was lunch time.

We sat for one last meal and by the time we were through, Francesco joined us.
He’s an Italian studying in the Uk. This was the first time he and I would be having an actual conversation. The three of us talked about family, countries, school from way back then and now. ??I used this emoji because it was another round of laughter. Everything was simply funny. By the time we were through, we invited him to join the photo spree.
This was the height of it ???. Before we got a decent photo, we went through several episodes of laughter. From funny photo locations to posing for a video instead of a photo.
When we were through, we headed for our last 2pm meeting. That was where I got some of the photos used in earlier posts.
We went about telling residents goodbye too.
We had to see our dearest friends and trust me, this was emotional for me. I wasn’t going to cry but yes, it was. Sophie shouted girl power! and encouraged us to follow our dreams. We exchanged contacts and gave our word to stay in touch.

After so many goodbyes, the time for us to return everything came: coats, keys, and cards.
The final moment was saying goodbye to Nafissa. It had been a journey. We didn’t know what the next days held but in that moment, we were grateful for what time we had been given.
We said goodbye.
Till this day, we still share laughter over twitter and Instagram and I’m still grateful for this.
I imagined how Lade’s goodbyes went at her department. I knew she had a great time too…
This was my last time here. I took photos of the place till I reached the last place I could cover.
I took a bus and headed to Jakominiplatz to find the bookstore…

See this through!
We’re almost done with this edition so, come back again!
Ruth ❤️

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