You should know that this was a truly blissful moment for me.
When I got into the bookstore, I repeated the process I described here

I couldn’t stand not taking photos so I prepared a speech in my head.

I had my student ID. I was going to look for someone with a friendly face and ask for an administrator or a manager. I was going to introduce myself as a writer and give them my site details, tell them I was here to look around, make a review and probably buy a book.

I had second thoughts for a few minutes but, I wanted to do this.

I headed towards a spot and found a lady I could ask. She didn’t even bother listening to the full speech, she gave me their card, showed me the website on the card and told me how to find them on facebook.
You can visit their online store 
here.  She gave me permission to take photos.
She also told me of the frescos on the ceiling of the 3floor. I was very glad because during the tour with David Zottler, the place was closed and so, we couldn’t get in. We did a somewhat risky peep then ?

Especially for book lovers, art lovers, beauty lovers, those who appreciate whatever, enjoy!!! (Now you see why I called the photo from this post a failed attempt??)

Am Eisernen Tor 1, 8010 Graz.



I eventually came out with Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.
I fell in love with Neil Gaiman from his quotes.You can see one in  this post.

THE FRESCO(ed) CEILING ?. I can’t insert all but they’re very lovely
screenshot_2016-09-02-21-57-50-1.png screenshot_2016-09-02-22-54-57-1.png screenshot_2016-09-02-22-55-15-1.png

I also visited Daisy Donuts. If you’re ever in the Jakominiplatz area, stop by!!! Sporgasse 2, 8010, Graz

They have yummy, yummy donuts. If you’re seriously monitoring your sugar level,you should skip the classic donut. They’re yummy all the same!

I took quite a great deal of photos. When I knew I was done indeed, I took my last bus ride and headed home.
When I passed the Medical University, I took a photo through the window. I was already nostalgic.???screenshot_2016-09-03-19-03-33-1.png
I also took one before I came down from the bus.

And one more photo of Wifersdorf, the place that was home to me for 4 great weeks.
I was happy to have that graceful bird?

I came here not knowing what to expect and here was I, leaving with countless new blessings.
I was grateful I had “room” to “carry” them.

With this, I wrap up the one-month-old journalling process of an experience I won’t want to forget.
Thank YOU! for being a part of this edition of Medical Chronicles. I can’t say that enough.❤️❤️❤️
PS:I remember the post on Jakominiplatz and the Graz tour. That has to be suspended indefinitely…

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  • Thank you for sharing!! I really enjoyed it. Its been nice going on this journey with you, I feel like I was part of it you sure know how to tell a good story.

    • RuthsBlog

      Awwww. Thanks so much, Damola. I’ve told you yeah? When times are tough and it’s getting difficult to keep on, people like you keep me going. Thanks so much for being here!