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Happy New Week.
About a week ago, I rounded up my first attempt at Medical chronicling. Since then, I haven’t exactly been chilling but I took a small break from publishing.
If you’re just joining in, Medical Chronicles was an everyday publication on a one-month summer medical observership experience I had in Graz, Austria, through the month of July. It had/has a lot of extras so don’t be deterred about reading the posts if you haven’t. It wasn’t strictly medicine but a good mix of life experiences: travel, people, food, lessons, picture stories and the likes. I’d love to share some behind the scene info with y’all. ENJOY!


This Was My First Chronicle: I have never done a series like this before. Before this, I was struggling with blog post inconsistency. It’s something I’d have to overcome everyday cos if I think I’ve passed the level of inconsistency, a new or modified reason why I won’t/can’t be consistent would surface.

It wasn’t a planned journal: 
Not planned in the sense that, I didn’t have the idea of blogging about my journey until the 4th of July; 3days after my arrival and few hours into my first day.

The reason behind the Chronicle
: I had powerful experiences and lessons from Day 1 at the hospital. As I wrote them in my small notebook, I knew it was right to share a great deal. In that moment, I had faith that I was in for a long ride of amazing lessons and experiences.

I understood the cost and made commitments
: My schedule at the hospital wasn’t going to give me room enough to put in the sacrifice needed to publish even on a weekly basis so I decided to hold off till my program was over and use the month of August to publish the chronicles.

The Beautiful Transformation of My Publishing Schedule: 
Initially, I was going to stick with my general blog plan: One post per week. I was going to do a weekly summary of my hospital work.

When I saw the volume of things to share, I made an adjustment: 2 posts per week. I had the intention of posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

When I started the publications in August, I realised the content was too much for 2 days. I blogged everyday till my 2nd week; then I made it an actual commitment.

The Commitment:
I don’t want to put this out cos, I know whenever I read this post, I’d feel again, the bites of all I had to do; especially the photo work.

My observership program lasted 26days. From it was a total of 34 posts in 33days(and one pending post).
34 posts already exceeded my 26 posts minimum goal for the months July-December 2016.
Well, I’ve not fulfilled the goal of a minimum of 2 posts every week so even though I put up a post per minute in a day, I’m not taking a break just yet ??

Except for photos with me in them, I took the other photos myself. I took nothing less than 3,000 photos. My approximate 36 hours stay in Budapest yield about 520 photos.
This food photography trial was 103 photos…
Even though I had folders for some categories, going through the photos had an effect of raising my temperature sometimes. I usually transferred them from my laptop to my phone via Bluetooth, cropped them to reduce the size and sometimes, most times, used an IG or snap chat filter. Don’t laugh, biko. I couldn’t keep up with photoshop lessons so I had to make do with just basic adjustment of photo contrasts.
After doing this, I uploaded them to my media folder on the blog’s site then incorporated them into a post.

I Blogged Every day
: I don’t just mean published every day. I had to blog every single day. In the first week, I typed out the publications for the entire week in a couple of days. My task every morning after devotion was to work on the photos. I wasn’t doing anything too serious with them then. After the first week, it was typing and photo work EVERY DAY. I couldn’t even eat before doing this so, if I published at 4pm, that was my breakfast time.
I was glad whenever I was done. Not because of the meal afterwards but because I felt I was doing something good. I didn’t know I could do that.
Some Days Were Better Days: Some days, I was very excited about the post’s content. Some days, I was indifferent; some days, I felt a bit of discouragement; mostly because I either posted too late or because I felt I didn’t do a good job.
I had favorite posts too.

Time Duration: 2hours meant short posts with very few photos.
A typical post was somewhere around 2hours but taking all posts into account, the time to ‘prepare’ a post was 2-6hours. Few exceptions extended that range to days?

I had Some Readers and Consistent Readers: A lot of us prefer to skip reading but I did have some people who were consistent in reading. Some continued further by leaving feedback. I’m grateful for them and for anyone who ever did. Brandi Carlile sang : this story doesn’t mean anything if you’ve got no one to tell them to. Thank you for being my someone:)

Lessons All The Way: Writing still teaches me, still transforms me and in a lot of ways, my dad reminds me why I should go on… Sometimes, He uses you who read, to push me, to encourage me, to correct me.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to write and the gift to have you read.

We make a good team. Let’s keep doing this together.

Grace and Peace,


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