Hello loves,
I feel thrilled doing this even though it’s nothing so much.??
About a week ago, I decided to give away something small to 3 people.

These people to me were the most consistent readers and responders to the posts from my first edition of Medical Chronicles.
I know there were quite a number of readers and I truly, truly, appreciate you all but I had to come down to three.

These ones read and went further to stay interactive somehow. They left responses either via Twitter, Facebook or WordPress.

I believe the way to kick off BIBB giveaways is to say a special thank you to them.
I’d be handing off this small-sized 3D Laser engraved crystal to the first two.
One crystal has a 3D engraving of the Hungarian Parliament House in Budapest and the other, a 3D engraving of the Chain Bridge in Budapest also. (If you missed my travel post on this, simply click their links).

Here are the winners:
*Mrs. Bolanle Musa: I won’t get too personal about how great of an Aunt she is but blog-wise, she supports and encourages me in a way I couldn’t have imagined. Thank you, Ma. (Delivery would be delayed but it’d always be here.)?

*Alfred Ugwu
: It’s one thing to like/retweet every post and it’s another thing to be sure the person actually follows what you write. Thank you especially, for all of that and for all the errors you noted. Thank you for following enough to know when there was a time change, etc.?

*Damola Adeyanju: I believe in our growing kinship and I’m glad that after these years, a common passion unites us again. I am happy and privileged to have you as a blog-related sister. Thank you for always being here.
I felt since you’re “home” already, a Hungarian crystal won’t do. I’m hopeful that you should get your gift from a new project I’d work on before the year runs out. I’d speak to you about details.??


I hope this always reminds you of the journey we went on and my grateful heart.
You all rock!

Congratulations and Danke!


PS: When you see BIB, BIB Blog or BIBB, it’s simply the same thing: Ruth’s Blog: Because I Believe.
Keep reading, keep learning, keep laughing. While you’re at it, leave a comment and share.

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  • Yayy!!!????? I am getting a gift, but to be honest..I just read the first post on medical chronicles and I was hooked, I really like the way you write and how I can relate. I hope you keep writing… You are doing a good job!! And thank you!!

    • RuthsBlog

      ???? thank you!!! you’re doing a great work yourself. Don’t stop

  • Alfred

    Really appreciate it…. Couldn’t not read it… I love a good, well told story… You’re unto something lady…. More power.

    • RuthsBlog

      Bless your heart, Alfred.