We come to be
Then we stand 
And fall
And stand 
And fall more times than we could count…
We cling to others
Then we say we’re good on our own 
So we stand 
And fall
And stand 
And fall more times than we could count…
It then seems normal for each generation to stand,
Only to fall and this time, much worse. 
It reminds me of me…
How I thought I’d overcome in January
Or be better by my tenth birthday… 
How I set goals
Lived carelessly
Yet failed woefully in both cases
How I celebrated victories
And wept bitterly for all the flaws
How I believed in something or someone
Yet fell again
How many times I could figure out what was wrong
Or had no clue what it was
Yet, couldn’t make a headway in either case
How I strived
Or got hit by a stroke of luck
Don’t get me started on countless times I give up on me
Yet find hope, faith, and love to rise again.
This is who I am, this is who we are, this is me, this is Nigeria…
We fall, but in the hearts of men and women,
Is that knowing, that
longing, that calling to rise…
I am not just a hireling, I am Shepherd to this country;
I am not just born here, she was and is birthed in me.
I may sail the seas
Soar in the air,
Walk paths and travel different roads
But I can never take it out of me…
I am Nigerian
I am planted here by a Sovereign God,
Beautifully and intentionally
As long as there’s a remnant who has hope, faith, and love
As we believe then strive,
Then we overcome and thrive
If I give up on Nigeria, it’s a sign I’ve given up on me
May that day never come
For as long as there is hope in my heart,
Strength to believe and labor
I am confident that the labor of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain
The curtains haven’t closed
It isn’t over
And we can play a part to determine how our story goes/ends…
(that we may be truly free indeed).




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  • I believe in Nigeria and I know that one day, it will be better. No matter how many times, we fall, go lower and pass through extremely hard times.
    It will be fine by God’s grace

    • RuthsBlog

      It will!