If You Birth Through Color???

Some three years ago, I penned this down. A friend of mine actually had this as a theme to write on. In the moment when I wondered what type of theme that was, I decided to make an attempt.
If you’ve ever (even if for a brief moment) felt the joy of bringing something, anything to life with colour, you’d know that writing about colour is an amazing theme if you try.

I’m thankful for the gift of colour and the privilege to be able to birth through it.

She puts the entire world on paper
She creates the world we desire to live in
She’s a mix that brings the reality of our dreams beforehand
She breaks the boundaries of seas and oceans,
Valleys and mountains,
Deserts and green lands.
She takes us to places we could only dream of.
With her, birds could swim and fishes fly
Ideal could be created in just a moment.
Through every stroke, she could bring a dose of perfection.
Powerful as she may be, she lies at the mercy of the thoughts that decide
Which way my hand should go.

She is strong yet,
Soft and beautiful
And each time she decides to go her own way,
She just shows me another world she could create.


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