I began writing poetry at the age of 12. These poems were inspired mostly by my experiences and the things or people in my environment.
Beyond poetry, I wrote about anything and everything.
Through writing, I found my voice. I could be myself and completely honest when I wrote.
I could put a name to things, feelings, and emotions when I wrote.
I could find God in the quietness of my mind and in everything that I saw…
Writing was my outlet and my balm…

Since then, my writing niche has expanded a bit and improved. I not only write about my experiences, I am able to make a connection with ideas not presently in my immediate surrounding, and channel these into words. I am able to write not just about fears, doubts, and tears but about hope, love, joy, faith, dreams, passions and truth

I began the blog BECAUSE I BELIEVE in August 2015. Here, I blog about life lessons, poetry, worship, creative/ingenious ideas, travel experiences etc. I also take photos or make light sketches when I can and use these to support my writing

I believe that with my written words, I can inspire, encourage, heal, enlighten, my generation and other generations. 

I also enjoy a bit of travel. This experience is made better by the thought then act of journaling.

Writing is something I love despite being a medical student. I find it an opportunity to learn and a privilege to share life, gifts, skills, talent, lessons with others through writing.

Oh, I write speeches too so if you need help with one, you know how to find me ?


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