On a bright cool day
A cry came from far away

‘Twas the cry of a newborn
Some minutes past the day’s morn.

People did their song and dance
‘Twas real, not a trance;
That the beautiful ones had been born
And their cry sharper than a car’s horn

‘Twas like a child caught in a thick thorn
Their cry was going to make everyone a free born
Their cry of truth, for justice and service to all.
Now, they began to crawl.

They made the old laugh and cry
No sooner had they began to try
To stand on two feet like others,
Their sisters and brothers
Began to laugh and jest at their attempt; 
For though beautiful, nature could not exempt
That these ones would try and fall
That loud would be their call
For help and support to stand.
At last, they stood, making water and sand
Their very best friend

Thinking that such a life would never end

It was so different
For love and care’s sake, they were sent
To a place with children in one dress
Nothing more, nothing less(??)

Indeed these are the beautiful ones 
Whose inside weigh more than a billion ounce
Beautiful in physique, heart, and in spirit 
Beautiful in the seasons of cold and heat

They grew up in the world of many
Lived on their guardians’ hard earned money
By God’s love and protection
And the liberty brought by His resurrection

Scattered all over one region???
Girls with one religion
And a common ambition;

To reach the top no matter what 
Though the storms of life come so hot
They would be beautiful to the hopeless
Bringing back the dignity of man 
Expanding his horizon and life span
Being agents that’d transform every mess

Indeed they are
A shining and striking star
Together In one accord,
Reaching out to those who can’t afford
Life’s precious bounties
Because of man’s deceit and follies

These are the beautiful ones that are born
Presented on this great morn

(1st June 2007)


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