I have to keep running. You have to keep moving. We must keep going no matter the abundance, no matter the insufficiencies, no matter the tide. Regardless of anything, we must keep believing, we must keep hoping, we must keep loving. 

The life that we live isn’t a mistake. It isn’t over. This is not all there is to it. As long as we live, there is so much more, still worth fighting for.

Even if I am dying, until I actually die, I am still living 
Paul Kalanithi


In the weeks to come, I’d be sharing some amazing, inspiring and life-transforming work courtesy of AB Global Health Initiative. I’m excited about this; excited for the privilege of bringing us this information and excited for all the good this initiative is committed to doing.

Anita has been overwhelmingly occupied but she’d be with us soon 🙂

I’m happy with keeping up with Tuesday and Thursday blog posts although, I am certain that I have not been able to handle the things I need to do well enough. To an extent, I’m still rushing to get quite a number of things done but I also see some improvement in my general schedule. Not handling things well enough affects blogging too in the sense that sometimes, I’m  not able to “sit” on my posts long enough before publishing.
I truly desire more and I hope I learn, appreciate, and practice discipline enough to be able to work better and harder.

I briefly reviewed Paul Kalanithi’s When Air Becomes Breath here on Tuesday.
It gives you thoughts to ponder on, shows in a beautiful but deeply penetrating light, what is important and what we make of this life that we’ve been given.

Life isn’t about avoiding suffering; it’s about creating meaning
Paul Kalanithi, When Air Becomes Breath.

Chill!!! ??I usually don’t jump around in anticipation of another November 8th. I prefer quiet ?, then a means to be filled and pour out into others, somehow. Since my fifth birthday, I’m yet to have a birthday to remember. 5th because up until last year, it was the only birthday I had people over
(you know, eat, play games etc.
Scratch that like I did!!! I had this experience in secondary school where the girls surprised me one night! I’d tell you about it sometime by God’s Grace. But honestly, it was amazing!
Either way, I have a birthday wish, desire etc and I believe that somehow, it’d come to be through my art of writing and when the time comes, I’d need you to be here and to invite as many as possible to get involved. Can you do that?
I’d truly appreciate this(probably more than anything you could offer??)

It’s one sort of the week but I’m trusting that each day has the potential to be better.
Come October 29th, we’d be lifting up our voices, hands, lives etc to praise God at Shabach 2016 holding in the city of Kyiv. Be there if you can!

This is me reminiscing on the days of rest I could afford during summer (and Naija food supply of course)!!!

TAKE ME BACK!!!? ????

I pray that you find, take hold of God’s strength for today and that your hope for tomorrow is also strengthened.

Love and light.

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  • So you are a November baby..November is my third birth month..(lol) special people were born in this month. Anyway I am glad you are trying to keep to the schedule. I fail horribly at mine but every day is another opportunity to try again right?? I hope you enjoy the concert and I might just write you an email just because….

    • RuthsBlog

      Yaaaaay! But you have to explain the 3rd birth month concept ??My dear, the consistency thing doesn’t just happen ooooh and I love how you embrace the truth that tomorrow is another opportunity. I’m hoping for the supernatural at the concert, and a little, nervous sometimes cos we are hosting it. Please WRITE!!???