CHOOSING DEVICES|| The Eye-Fi Memory Card & SanDisk’s Ultra Dual USB

Before I rave about the Eye-Fi Memory Card and SanDisk’s Dual Ultra USB, I’d share how I pick devices.

I appreciate quite an amount of gadgets and I could be very particular when it comes to buying them. I don’t believe in accumulating gadgets when you have no real need for them (or when it’d leave you bankrupt ) but when I plan towards getting a device, I begin planning way ahead of time. I read, watch, listen to reviews. I make all possible comparisons, find out why one is better than the other, the reason for price differences. I learn new terminologies and why certain features are important. I learn about how durable and portable these devices are; every possible pro and con, I try to tick off. I find out about colour preferences ???. In the list of things I do, I find a store with the product I have. I mustn’t necessarily be buying from that store but I check out the device to be sure it’s what I’ve learned it to be.

After making a choice, I have to keep reevaluating and asking if I need the product. I’d be working with a budget already. Sometimes, the prices are more than my initial budget. 

I measure the level of my need, decide to make certain compromises or shift this acquisition to the long-term goal column. 
By the time I’m done eventually,(if this device made it to the “purchase” section of my brain) It could be anywhere between 6months- 12months after my first inquiry.
That’s the average time it takes to review, evaluate, test run products before I purchase them. It’s somewhat more complicated than this but yeah??

Now to these little devices I really love. Considering that I am constantly sharing media between devices, they make my job easier and more effective.

THE EYEFI: I use the Nikon d7100 which does not have wireless abilities. This memory card with a 16GB capacity and inbuilt wireless connect ability, transfers/syncs my photos/recordings from my camera to my phone, laptop, and kindle. It makes editing easier instead of going through the processes I talked about here.
I purchased this on Amazon.

screenshot_2016-11-03-07-41-40-1-1.png screenshot_2016-11-03-07-37-58-1-1-1-1.png


THE SANDISK ULTRA DUAL USBscreenshot_2016-11-03-14-11-15-1-1.pngI find this more impressive than my EyeFi so far. This amazing OTG USB (on-the-go USB) has a 2.0 port connector and a backward compatible USB 3.0 port. With this, transfer of files from an android to laptops, MacBooks, and other devices have been  ?(super).
I can collect materials and easily send them to the needed parties as soon as possible.
I purchased this at a local store for about $10.00. It’s totally worth it and has a storage capacity of 32GB. For my Nikon,I also make use of the SanDisk Extreme-UHS1/U3.
I’m a low-key SanDisk fan ?screenshot_2016-11-02-14-34-45-1-1.png

Do you have devices or tools(might even be a notepad) that make your work (whatever it is, even besides blogging) that you’d love to share?
Drop comments, people. They’re always welcome.

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  • It’s really nice that you have all thee gadgets, I am not into anything at least not yet. It’s nice all the effort and work you are putting in..

    Btw, I sent a reply, I don’t know if you got it

    • RuthsBlog

      Oh my!I’m sorry, I’d reply. I had this breakdown on the day I got it and after recovery it skipped my mind ?Since I didn’t have a USB I decided to go for the dual and the Eyefi?????I had way too much stress moving cards, bluetoothing stuff.