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I marked off another year on Tuesday, November the 8th 2016 and through all the years, one thing is sure. Love has kept me going. God has kept me and He planted me in a community that has helped me grow. The faithfulness of God has given me joy and through different paths, I am grateful that I am loved, that I am His and that I don’t walk alone.
I have some memories of past birthdays and I ‘d love to share with you.


This is me at 5; the first birthday I ever celebrated with people and the first memory of November 8th that I have. 

It was great because all these people were dear to me. I knew them and I was so happy to have them around.I’ve lost a lot of my memories; good or bad but I can still remember this.

My 10th birthday was phenomenal. It was the next birthday my mom promised to celebrate. The skirt and blouse she bought for me were of a unique design. My sister had gotten me a pair of black shoes too.

It happened that I was going through a battle for my life at that time so the “big” celebration couldn’t quite happen. I was scheduled to be in an operating theatre that day for a procedure to drain fluid, pus, and blood from my eyelid. I can still remember the events of this day including the doctor’s word for me to hang on because the only other option was to “put me to sleep”
I still remember the taste of the chicken thigh I ate. It had the “taste of the operating room”
I remember coming home to meet my family: immediate and extended. They had gifts for me but I was in pain. We prayed and I went to my parents’ room where I lay on the floor.

I remember my parents love and how they were all over me when I began experiencing excruciating pain. I remember my dad in this season, taking a scorpion sting for me.

I remember 11.
Together with my family, we were all dressed in white as we lay someone who had q great love for me, for us, to rest: my granddad.
I remember on this day, I was so sick with tonsillitis. It was very bad this year too. One of my doctors who was also at the funeral with us contemplated taking them out. I escaped that but my mom had to make an earlier journey back to town with my sisters and me

This was my first in secondary school. 

Was it 14,15 or 16? 
Anyway, this was one amazing birthday. ALot of us had this practice of wearing a brand new pair of uniforms on our birthday.If it wasn’t brand new, it had to certainly be a first time wear for the week that had been properly ironed(and slept on for greater effects) It wasn’t just the uniforms: all underwears included. We didn’t have much to celebrate with but the girls sure had a beautiful way of having a good day and celebrating each other.

First off, Sena Igirgi (and I think Shimadoo Ahile)  had crawled into my box previously. They were very good with their sewing skills. They took my new pair of (well), undergarments and designed my name, happy birthday and other patterns on it!!! 
Oh! my! God! It was just unbelievable. 

I surely had a good day cos I had lots of handwritten notes( I’ve kept them until this day because I’m that girl!!!). I had cards, hardcovers (they were/are my thing) and different gifts that didn’t need to be contrabands but were all so thoughtful and full of love.

I thought that was the height of it all. I surveyed all the hostels cause it was lights out and finally, walked tiredly to mine. It was dark. As I opened the door, all the girls screamed. It was such a surreal moment for me. They were on their feet as they sang and wished me well. If I never said thank you enough, thank you! I love y’all deeply for who you are my Vaatia College peeps❤️❤️

This post is  getting so long. I’d skip the birthdays were I had water poured on me, were I had to go out in my P.E uniforms cause my clothes had been seized (I didn’t find this too funny but it was all fun in the end) 

PS: This is a birthday gift from Jennifer Iwuese some 8-9years agoimg_20161114_012059.jpg

It was getting close to my 17th birthday  when I began taking these exams that required me to leave the school premises, go home, change into casual clothes and all. On one of the days, as I hurried to change back into my school uniform, my little sister ran into my parents’ room and brought out something. It wasn’t my birthday yet but she placed it on my bed ?? It was a hand made, one-of-a-kind birthday card my eldest sister made for me. Someone who saw it was so upset as it seemed like she had ruined the surprise. Poor girl! She was only so excited.
Well, the surprise wasn’t ruined as the card was pretty intricate. I didn’t comprehend it fully under a minute or 2.

It was a hand crafted card with a stand. There was a lovely red dinner crafted dress made on it with a golden bow. It also had a clutch purse crafted on it. This clutch contained personal notes written by my family members. Such ingenious mind…
On NOvemebr 8th of that year, I happily received my gift.

My classmates hosted a class get-together. The love they showed me and their thoughtfulness, warms my heart. The choristers and I later shared pizza slices in our rehearsals.screenshot_2016-11-10-20-44-00-1.png

Last year
 For the first time after my 5th birthday, I had people gather together again…
I’d just leave that there 🙂
This year is even more amazing…

Y’all showed up for me in more ways than one.
I am thankful for the privilege of growth: physically, mentally, spiritually and otherwise. Thankful that I’ve been through times that have proven the things God has declared.

I am hopeful that the days to come would be better. I hope I keep living indeed, believing, and loving…

Thanks for making it this far.
I love y’all.

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  • Ayomide Soremi

    We all have a story to tell… Yours is indeed a beautiful one… The young shall always grow….

    • RuthsBlog

      Sure. Thanks a lot, Ayo

  • Happy birthday again!! I am wondering though why you are giving more details about your younger birthdays than the older ones…tell us, we want to know?

    • RuthsBlog

      ?? Some things sound better in retrospect. Nothing so much has happened now. These days, I’m more concerned with class tests, what impact I’m making…what purpose I’m fulfilling, what point I’m at…. It was easier then but someday, someday we’d talk about my 24: handwritten letters, flowers, books, cake, wine and class 😉 ?

      • Hmmmn…sounds interesting, will be looking forward to it. Have a great week!!

        • RuthsBlog

          You too ???

        • RuthsBlog

          You too!!! ???