Awhile back, I did this “relaunch”. I felt it was necessary to jolt me from some slumber and offer better to those are giving their time to reading stuff that I put here.

I won’t say I’m doing so badly. I wouldn’t say I’ve aced my goals either. I am still a very long way from settling in a place I’d call good but I think it’s safe to say, I’m many steps away from when I first started off. Many steps away in a positive way ?

Let’s take a brief look13567337_918097781632115_2022221333900494023_n.jpg

COMMENTS VIA FACEBOOK: Instead of signing up for a WordPress account, you can simply use your facebook account to leave comments. I have challenges getting notified when people leave comments (and them getting notified when I leave comments) but I’m working on that. Meanwhile, I have to do regular “sweeps” of the posts to check for responses via the facebook comments plugin

JOURNAL ENTRIES: Yeah, Yeah. With entries like the 33 posts on my medical experience in Graz, Austria, moments like “I’m Not That Girl“, “Birthday Moments“, I can say I’m not doing too poorly.

MORE LESSONS:Wow! I have to work more here. I’ve shared a few lessons medically speaking and lessons on love from my relationship with God… More work here. More work ??

PHOTOS I TAKE: 98% of the photos used on the blog or my Instagram page have been taken by yours truly, Ruth ??? Apparently, I’m sharing photos but frankly speaking, I ought to have done more work in photography. I should have achieved more so, WAKE UP GIRL!!!???

PIN IT: You certainly can PIN IT! ?? If you come across any photo you like/love and you’re a Pinterest user, you could just Pin iT!

BELIEVER ALERT: Shame on you gurl!!! Shame on you!!!?????? I haven’t delivered on this AT ALL. Such a shame and I am sorry. The truth is, I’ve had Believer Alert Posts for getting to 2 years now so, it’s not an issue of not getting to write anything. I just… Maybe I’m not ready??? I’ve not just figured out why I don’t get to share them. I will.

MEDICAL CHRONICLES: Boy! am I proud of this.(nodding my head and smiling) I still have a pending post on my Graz tour but I’d like to say on this, I delivered. Medical Chronicles was more than I ever thought it to be. I’m grateful to God for all HE provided me to go through with this which included strength, disciple, inspiration, encouragement, time, opportunity, means and the awesome, awesome people who read(and those who’d read).
This is the link to the first “episode” of my medical chronicles. There were 33 + 1 of them.

AT LEAST ONE POST EVERY WEDNESDAY: Thank God! and atta girl!!! I would gladly receive a hug for this cos it’s been one sort of ride. The correct thing should have read: AT LEAST ONE POST, EVERY WEDNESDAY. I followed through with this, switched up to everyday post publishing during Medical Chronicles and then maintained the pace of publishing every Tuesday and Thursday; till date . Right now, I really don’t want to go beating myself up about how I rushed through a number of posts or how I didn’t spend time enough before publishing. Life happens but I sure did keep my word on this. ????

GUEST/CONTRIBUTOR POSTS: Anita, came through a lot of times. She’s been caught up in work but we’ve certainly not heard the last from her. I love you, girl!
My cousin allowed me, feature her kids in my first post(post-relaunch). An adorable set of loving siblings. 
I also published for AB Global Health Initiative here.

DIY/CREATIVITY/HACKS: Small shame on me here too. A particular post on some really creative ideas was one of the first things I obsessed(and still obsess) about when I concluded I was starting up my blog. Till this day, about 2years later, I haven’t put it up. I did a short grammar hack here.

GOD&GRACE: Like I said earlier, Anita came through and this was basically, her area of “specialisation” She published amazing articles here, here and here. I also shared a few. (linked in already)

POETRY: Duh!!! I came through but I’d certainly want to do more. Dear Lord, was one new write up that came from a truly broken heart…

CONSISTENCY: 75% fair but we have to step that up greatly. Ok. Basically, I have to.? I hope as a reader (freader), you’d also make a commitment to staying consistent and sharing with others, stuff here. Really, I’d appreciate that. I need to grow my reader base.

If you want to leave reviews/ feedback about this blog, please, please do!!!

What have you been up to? Have you done any evaluations lately? Share with me/us ok???

Much love,

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  • Well I didn’t know how the blog was before the blog relaunch but based on what I have seen, I think you have done an amazing, The posting bit is impressive because sometimes, we can get busy and occupied, it takes determination to prepare and put up a post. I really like the ‘Dear Lord’ post btw, really resonate with me. Overall, I think you are doing great, the medical chronicles really amazed me,I am not sure it is something I can do just yet.

    • RuthsBlog

      Thank you so much! So much!!! I don’t even know how I’m just seeing this. Thank you!!! Trust me, I believe you can pull that Medical Chronicle-ish stunt ??Sometimes we never really know at first. Thank you for always encouraging me.

    • RuthsBlog

      Btw, before the relauch, all those points listed were just goals… My layout was different too. I was using a WordPress hosted site but I transferred my domain to BlueHost who’s my new “service provider”