It’d be a remarkable, life changing, defining year for me…

Hi, Hi, Hi ?…
How’s your day going so far? 

I’ve been on goal setting for a while yeah? I wrote on taking stock here where I reviewed the blog’s progress between the time of relaunch (July 2017) and now(November 2017). I also wrote briefly about my journey through goal setting, being enough, and forging on. You can find that here.

Today, I share some blog-related goals I hope would come to fruition in the year 2017. Mind you, I am not waiting till the new year before I begin putting in the work. I began various processes of seed planting, watering and other forms of nurturing. Ok. Honestly, not on all things but hopefully, I’m able to take those steps, risks, and chances before the year runs out.

I have a number of life goals, dreams, hopes, etc.
Today, however, I’d share SOME blog-related intentions/targets/desires

  1. Vlogging!!!: You read me right. ?When I discovered I was going to eventually get into this about a year ago, it sounded improbable considering how much I truly love my introverted self, staying off things/places where my face would be seen and all. Still, in that moment, I knew, believed, it was inevitable so I accepted it right away. What’s the point fighting something I know I’m called/graced to do?

    Yes, I’d be dropping videos here and there and while I round up the period of processing the commitment of this “ministry”, get yourselves ready to indulge and encourage others too :-).

  2. Blogging: It’s my intention to KEEP BLOGGING CONSISTENTLY. I don’t have plans to increase blogging days just yet. I wish I could say 3times a week but I have to work on my consistency. Seeing that I blog every Tuesdays and Thursdays, I see a need to publish within a particular time frame. I need to be intentional about that so that I can sit up and also, work on that as a strategy to engage more readers which brings me to

  3. Increase My Reader Base/Have A Steady Audience: I truly appreciate all the steady readers. Y’all give me good encouragement. I’m proud to say y’all started with me and I hope you know you have a special place in my life, my journey. You’ve etched your mark and I hope we continue to support each other. Notwithstanding, I look forward to immense growth: an increase in readers/supporters, a greater community where we can meet different and like minds and spur each other.

  4. Networking/Grow The Tribe: I truly want to get interactive with other bloggers and like-minded people in the art. I believe that sort of communication/interaction/relationship would improve my art as a blogger. It might encourage better results and who knows? I might shine a great light on other bloggers as well. I already have a blog sister ?, ROW. I’m looking forward working towards finding more members of this family. 

  5. Express myself with more emoticons: ??? This might seem silly, but I honestly want to. I love them but sometimes, I’m not willing to make the little effort it takes to get the drop down for emoticons so I pass. Yes to more emoticons!!!

  6. Photography: I can’t even say this enough. I’m not putting some very huge expectations on this for various reasons but I’d love to take on some challenging, worthwhile photography adventures. I want to look back and be proud that I did these+took these epic shots here and there or probably, had this massive fail. However it goes, I want to try for better and actually succeed.

  7. Proper/better blog planning: Before I learned of Cassie Daves’ Blog planner, I was working to make one just for myself. It was one of those things I couldn’t follow through so trust me when I say, I doff my hat for her for more than one reason. I’d plan better but I don’t mind if 2017 is the year I eventually get my Cassie Daves’ blog planner. Mbok, if you know anyone travelling from Nigeria- Europe between December 2016-February 2017, let me know.

  8. Reviews: Books, products, places, etc I’d be doing some reviews on the blog. If you have areas of interest, let me know. If it’s something I could venture into and won’t mind, I’d go ahead for you.

    That’s it, people. These things are progressive. I can’t lay all out and I don’t even have all the goals/desires figured out. Some would pop up with time. In the meanwhile, I’d see to it that I work hard on these and try not to take on too much at a time.

    Do you have goals you are setting for yourself or to improve whatever task you currently undertake? You can share with us in the comments below. Do you have tips on setting/meeting targets? You’re welcome to share ?

    Let’s keep believing in our purpose and loving one another.

    May your week be full of good surprises.


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  • I am really excited for vlogging!! I get what you mean when you say you are putting yourself out there because then there is a voice and face to everything but I think it will be great!!

    And yeah I will be here encouraging you all the way. As your faithful blog sister… And I agree with you consistency is key but difficult but I think the planner will be a great place to start, it will help in organizing thoughts, posts, properly.

    These are biggg goals but with God, I know you can do it. I am really proud of you that you are really trying to post twice a week and if you get to three times, even better!!

    I am looking forward to more great stuff!!

    • RuthsBlog

      ???Because this is all the emotion I feel right now… Oh! my! Thank you for being here. I can’t say that enough. Everyone seems really excited for vlogging… It makes the reality come alive in a new, almost intimidating way but there’s no backing down now. Thank you so much. You have no idea.

  • Hi Ruth,
    You have a lovely blog. Vlogging is the way to go!
    I’m studying how to take better pictures for my blog and it has been an awesome ride.
    All the best with your plans, darling!


    • RuthsBlog

      Thank you so much, Precious. I briefly checked out your blog and I’m so excited for what I see. Thanks for stopping by! Come again ?

  • Lovely goals, dear. How are they coming up?

    Love the use of smileys to express how you feel. I created a post just to talk about THE USE OF SMILEYS.

    Look forward to reading more from you. 🙂


    • RuthsBlog

      Awwwww!!! Thank you so much for visiting amakamedia.com 🙂 Well, for a start, having new, awesome people like you tells me one more time that these goals would be attained. I’m so happy to have you here and I’d surely be visiting your site too 🙂

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