Summer 2016 was pretty remarkable for me so don’t think you’d get rid of hearing about it just yet ??
Don’t get me wrong. I made some mistakes, lazied about here and there, made excuses, missed a few chances. I was afraid sometimes, very doubtful, fell short on commitments I made to God, myself and others, but,hey! I took some pretty cool chances, went on adventures and almost always had a story to tell(which is/was not very usual)

Today, I’d just share some photos I took then and now. Hope you love them…

CONES&BOWLS ???:  When my friend and I went to this street…Everyone either had an icecream cone/bowl or was on a queue to get one. We didn’t just get it! This ice cream proved that it wasn’t a respecter of persons. Forget that there’re no men here, males from different age groups featured in this too ?




All the way down and across the streets…

We had to get ours… 3 yummy flavors (we got to taste all the flavors)??screenshot_2016-11-24-15-46-42-1.pngscreenshot_2016-11-24-15-47-23-1.pngscreenshot_2016-11-24-19-51-07-1.png

Summer habits… I don’t get how I picked this up but it was fun while it lasted 

screenshot_2016-11-24-15-50-54-1-1.png screenshot_2016-11-24-19-11-34-1.pngscreenshot_2016-11-24-15-56-30-1.jpgscreenshot_2016-11-24-15-55-35-1.jpg


Love Locks❤️????❤️

These monks who stop to smell the roses… Capture the moment I mean ????❤️screenshot_2016-11-24-19-29-02-1.png

These moments were very feel free moments and I’m grateful for them.
I pray that you experience the magic/miracle in every moment; in the instance and in retrospect.

Loooooooooots of love ?

PS: I think I should do some more of these… what do you think?


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