Hello, guys!!!
How’s your week coming along? 
It’s been a very great ride so far!!! The year is running its course and we’re almost at the finish line for this phase; I mean, in terms of the Gregorian Calendar(which is the intentionally most used civil calendar).

I am quite certain that I’d stick to the #NoblogpostJanuary agenda ?.
Inasmuch as I love what I do here, I am  positive that I need to back off for a while, take a look from another angle then work based on the different angles viewed. I almost always need breaks every now and then. I don’t regret or doubt my belief in this for any reason. Some people keep going and that’s fine; if they’re fine with it. Let’s keep dancing to our own unique tunes.

With this said, officially, I have 9 posts to go. I usually don’t do a countdown. I don’t think it does me good. I’d stick with the understanding that my commitment is to publish every Tuesdays and Thursdays. ?

A search I went on led me to GEN Y GIRL‘s millennial career and lifestyle blog. It’s a list of 100 lifestyle blog ideas. You can take a look at it here.  I would still shake this up a bit since I can’t work on some topics but common, I can handle about 97% of them.

Pick any topic you want me to blog about and let me know. You can let me know by leaving a comment in the comment box below or via twitter with the hashtag BIBBWP (#BIBBWP) or cc-ing me (Twitter handle: @DiyanEbe). BIBBWP stands for Because I Believe Blog Writing Prompt
You can invite friends to join in as I’d pick the most requested prompt(s)
Let the hashtagging begin!!!?

Alright! lovies (thanks to I Am Vanessa for getting me used to this term of endearment). Before I go, I want to give a very big shout out to my sister, Joyce Ebe who is a year older today. ????

She’s a lot of things to me but you see, the writer, reader, singer, upcoming baker (??) that I am today, was and is, inspired by her. She is so much more than a whole blog post. I just want y’all to know how much of a blessing she has been to me and every other person she comes in contact with.
I love you deeply, sister. ❤️Happy birthday!


Hope the remaining part of your week is fabulous. 
Stay strong.


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  • Happy birthday to your sister!! I pray God blesses her. When I first saw the no blog post January in the previous post, my first reaction was nooooooo…but then I realized that you need to take the time you need to regroup and come back strongerrr! So don’t stay away for too long.

    Meanwhile..about the post ideas, I think an interview with someone you admire, date ideas or a gift guide

    • RuthsBlog

      Amen! Thank you!!!!!?? I won’t. I’d be back most likely after 4 weeks. Thanks for the feedback. An interview with someone I admire is one I’m most excited for! It shouldn’t be so tough since this is someone I admire and as such, I’d have loads of questions for them. Date ideas*scratches head* I’m not always a very conventional person(whatever that means ??) but I could give it a trial and hope not to be extremely personal about it. Gift guides (uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh) I love the act/art of gifting and I have different “guiding lights” on this. If I give it some time, I should be able to do something really good. Let’s see how it goes and how much suggestions I get.

      • I think the more unconventional..the better! What’s the fun in doing what everyone is doing. And I need gifting help..so I will really need that.

        • RuthsBlog

          ??? Will do.