All the blessings we’ve experienced; all the blessings we’ve been. All the pain we’ve been through, times of uncertainty, misunderstandings, doubts and reassurance…
We’re still here people! We’re still here as survivors. We’re still here as overcomers. If you are reading this or listening to this, it is proof that it isn’t over. It is proof that your beating heart is purpose still calling out to you. It is proof that you can keep growing or find your way back to the loving arms of God.

Happy New Month, co-survivors. There’s so much to do and be in the now; there’s so much more to look forward to; there’s so much still worth fighting for.

Today, I pray for fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers…
Today, I pray for families, for nations, for friends, for the body of Christ.
I pray that you have peace; that you experience the love of God and that you are totally overcome by the transformation that happens whenever a man or nation encounters the love of God.

May this month challenge us to seek the face of God and fulfill our truest calling.

You are truly loved!!!

I’m coming up with a post on/of thanksgiving so if you want to participate in this or have friends who would want to share what they’re grateful for, send me an email : or send a DM to the blog’s facebook page here. If you’ve had a unique experience that helped you unravel the power of thanksgiving, be so kind as to share with us. These would be featured on the blog.

I wish you a wonderful month indeed.



10918373_907329665945381_2027193963_oSimply because I feel like it’s a red season ??

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  • Amen and amen. Happy new month to you too. Wish you the very best!

    • RuthsBlog

      Thank you so much, darling. I visited your site and you’re doing a great job! Thanks for being here.

  • Happy New Month!! And yes the fact we are still here means its not done yet, there’s more to come. We have life, there is hope of a better tomorrow. God’s got us, we have to continue to seek His face more than ever before.

    • RuthsBlog

      So true, love. SO true.

  • Amen! Wish you the same and more! Lovely blog you’ve got ? Stay blessed!

    • RuthsBlog

      Thank you!!