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Hope  y’all are kicking just fine?

#TTC is the hashtag for Think-Thank Challenge 2016. It’s a gratitude challenge by blogger partner, Dainty M of  Dainty M Blog. She has challenged us to use each letter of the English alphabet to share 5 things we are grateful for (for 26 days). I love this challenge because it actually provokes you to think then thank. It brings to light, “small”, “big”, otherwise insignificant things we often miss being grateful/thankful for.

Today is day 6; the day to be intentionally thankful for the “F’s”. Here’s my list of 5:

1. I am thankful for Faithful people: Be they friends, acquaintances, co-workers, etc. People that show faithfulness and inspire me to be such;
2. Friends: People that teach me that it’s ok to be me,to not feel ok, to be honest, even as I strive for that which is greater than I am now;
3. Family: We were destined to share bloodline yet each time, they tell me, “I choose you”.
4.Funny Moments: Seriously! I am grateful for those moments that caused a spark, a burst, an uproar of laughter… The ability to find something funny makes me so grateful. I say this because there are people that can’t find the joy in moments no matter what(I’ve been here). It’s a really terrible place to be so, I mince no words when I say I am grateful for funny moments.
5. The Future: I am grateful because the future that I see(beginning from the next immediate moment) is another chance. I am grateful for the promises and the hope I see in the future.

This brings me to part 2 of today’s post: The future is now. Even though I was holding off this post till some time later, as I thanked God for my number 5, I was reminded of the lessons I had learned and decided to share them today:

The future isn’t a mystical place, sweetheart. The future isn’t the place where everything is without flaws. The future isn’t when you have a 9-5 job that you love or probably when you don’t have a 9-5 cos you’re working for yourself and making “good” money. The future isn’t when you’ve left your parents home, completed tailoring classes, finished that NYSc, medical program or thesis. The future isn’t when you’ve left the village for the city.
The future, your future is NOW. This isn’t a cliché.

The future, your future is more than tomorrow; more than 5 years time, more than that retirement plan you’re looking forward to. A lot of times, when we say something is more than, we are more easily inclined to imagining an extension beyond the full stop. This time around, I say it’s an expansion of where we are starting from…
It’s easy to take the moment we are in for granted. We detest the path we are on, we say, “I hate this place I’m in.” “I can’t wait for tomorrow, for the weekend, for life after med school.” I can’t wait to live my parents’ home, this ministry, country.” We  say these like we had been informed that where we are currently is the biggest mistake of our lives, like where we are is a curse to break free from, a plague to run away from. A land of no-good.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t imply that sometimes, the place a man is in can’t be one, all, or more of these things. I also don’t imply that it’s wrong to be hopeful.

All I’m saying is that more often than not, we are done with the potential of what the now (which was once future)holds before we completely explore and thus make the best of it. We are quick to be hopeful for another tomorrow without harnessing the potential, power, fruitfulness, promise that today holds…

So it is that we move on to tomorrow, calling yesterday dry, barren, hopeless when it was us who didn’t press through…

Until we see that every day is sufficient not just in its challenges but blessings and opportunities, your tomorrow will forever remain an illusion. It will never come or rather, never be better.
(to be continued…)

You can join the thankful challenge by

  1. Posting your list of five items in the comment section of

  2. Tweeting  @writersbrain with the five things you’re thankful for

  3. Posting on the Facebook page: Dainty M  

  4. Or reblogging on your blog and making your own list for other followers to join in.

Blogger boos participating in this include:
Damola A. of Receptacle of Wisdom
Diana M. of Reverberating Thoughts and of course, 
Dainty M. of Dainty M Blog

It’s not enough to share your list of thankfulness. It might require you telling someone you’re grateful for them.

Return thanks to God and keep living a thankful life.
Grace and Peace ✌️


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  • Oh my goodness! I’m so excited to know you’re following the challenge on your blog! 😀 Thank you! Thank you! See you at the finish line! xoxo

    • RuthsBlog

      You’re welcome, darling! God bless you some more for the push. I’m not exactly steady, somedays I post to your facebook page…I should stick with one medium yeah? Insteading of monkey jumping??

      • Haha, It’s allowed. As long as we can keep good track. You can even put them up on your blog and share the link on mine so we’re together. Thank you once again! Have a blessed day!

  • Thank you for the mention!! Yesss we must do it, I actually like that I have to think about different things for the letters.

    • RuthsBlog

      Any day giiiirrrrrl!!! I’m loving it as well.