Hi guys,
I began sharing my thoughts on “The Future Is Now”. I promise I’d continue with that next week by God’s’ Grace. If you missed that post, you can read it here. Today, I continue with the Think-Thank Challenge 2016. I’d share my thankful list beginning with H…
Today, I’m thankful for:

1. Home: God has never left me stranded. Beginning from the home I was raised in, to every other place I have lived in, I am so grateful. In this year alone, I have lived/stayed in at least,10 places/houses; from my long-term rented apartments to a friend’s house, to living with strangers, to cabins in the middle of nowhere, I have been blessed to have more than just a roof over my head, a bed, pillows, and blankets. I am grateful for the arms I can rest in and call home.

2.Huoma(Dr.): to cut the long story short, she’s not just the girl I met, she’s not just one of my closest friends, she’s now a part of my family. My adopted sister ?! She’s a great gift.

3. History: I love to know the history behind things… I am in awe whenever I find out where we came from or how we got to where we are. I am grateful for those who preserve history, and those who are making great history. Everything tells a story. I am happy for special stories I’m now aware of.

4.Hope: The strength to stay hopeful is probably one of the greatest reasons I’m still alive today. I mince no words.

5. Helping hands/hearts: I am truly grateful.

I hope you live a life of sincere gratitude.

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