Hey, guys! 
I’m going to continue the Think Thank Challenge through till we are done with the letters of the English alphabet.

I’m in love with this poster.

You can leave your list of thankfulness (Is that even correct? boy! am I hungry) in the comment section below

Today is day 9 of the thankfulness challenge.
I’m thankful for
Ink: Understandably the first thing that came to mind. I’m grateful for ink of all types and shades.
Insight: There are times I almost jumped; or at least, my heart did a dance from the revelation I got. Revelation, insight etc. It transforms you. You’re not just the same and it’s beautiful getting this. I’m simply grateful.
the Internet: When properly utilized, this is a real blessing. I’m grateful for the opportunities and lessons I’ve gotten. I mean, who can clearly exhaust all the good they’ve gotten through the internet?
Inspiration: there was a time almost all; all my passwords had the word inspired in it(don’t even try what you’re thinking?). All I’m saying is my appreciation for inspiration runs DEEP.
Introversion: I won’t indulge in any argument on if I’m more introverted or not. This is more than a personality for me. It’s one thing I can say is my super power. I’m grateful for how I see life to put it briefly. I’m grateful for how God teaches me to use this power and still, teaches me not to be self-centred.

I just want to say thank you Damola, Dainty, and Diana for going on with the challenge. I felt a lot more comfortable posting in other places except on my blog cos I felt no matter how much I tried, the moment I clicked “New Post”, I’d have been spending a really long time here. (Did I just do a series of grammatical mumbo jumbo?)

I’m in that moment where I slept past an appointment (with myself ) and woke up really hungry. More of what’s on my mind is great food!?
I’m grateful for hunger by the way. It’s the reason we seek improvement, take advantage of inspiration or grow in the first place. Whether it’s spiritual hunger or a more physical hunger, the presence of hunger could just be a sign that growth is calling…or not.

Alright loves. That’s it for the day. I wish you a great weekend and I hope I have a better weekend than I’m imagining.


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  • Hey dear! Yes! I’m thankful for insight! And introversion! That’s my super power too ? Lovely list! ❤

    • RuthsBlog

      So good not to be alone ?

  • Yayy!!! You are continuing.. I am glad. We have 2 common things on the list today, and I found the introversion bit quite interesting. Hope you have gotten something to eat now? Looking forward to the list for tomorrow..

    • RuthsBlog

      Yeah? I did!!! Pizza and salad to the rescue