Hey ladies and gents,

How’s your week going??
Mine? Me being honest might just lead me into calling for a pity party. Let’s just say, I’m really ready for the end of this semester(except for the fact that the end of this semester means I have just one more semester to go in med school).
Anyway, your girl’s kicking fine ?
We’re half way through the thankful challenge! It’s been such a big deal, a great blessing doing this.

M, M, M…(oh! no!, I honestly didn’t mean what you thought. It just happened. Seriously ?)

I’m grateful for
Memories I can remember… Sometimes, chunks of my memory, good or seemingly bad ones seem to get erased. They’re just gone. I’m grateful for those that remain and especially the positive memories

Mattress: Even though a mat begins with M and I’m grateful for it as well, ?, you get my drift

My Mom: Yipeeeeeee!!!

Money: What do I want to say that you don’t feel and know??


Mama: Most likely not the way you’d call it but yeah, it’s gets so personal when my mom and sisters call me this(which is almost always) I’m grateful for this name.
Medicine: I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the medical field.

They are so many things I’m grateful for still: every Moment, Metaphors, Milk, Meat, Market!!!!! Myself?? Really ? I am thankful for Me.

What are you thankful for?

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