Hi, Hi!
How’re y’all doing?

Today, I share my list of thankfulness…

1. Nature: Everything unique in the song that they sing… It reflects the awesomeness, the supremacy of the great Creator of the universe. The healing abilities of natural things, the reproductive ability of natural things, the beauty… I’m forever in awe

2. Natural hair ❤️

3. Night: Some nights I cry, some nights I wonder why some nights meet me trying so hard… Most nights I’m wondering if I’d ever be enough but all the same, EVERY night, I am reminded of God’s great love, His ability to hold me and us all in His arms, His sovereignty and His purpose for our existence. I am grateful for nights that were the stairwell to a great dawn. The truth is, every night is.

4. Napolean Cake!!!! Mmmmm…Mmmmmm…Mmmmmmm…

5. Nigeria(n): I am grateful for being Nigerian. ❤️ 

Share your list of thankfulness! I wish y’all a fabulous day/night.

Lots of love,

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  • I really like that you included pictures, I don’t think I have tasted that cake before..now I will be on the look out for it

    • RuthsBlog

      Yeah? I decided to shake it up a little and make use of photos I’ve left lying around. Please do!!!!!! I hope you find it as awesome as I did. Hope school’s moving well.