Hello, freaders,

What’s gooooooooood?
Today is the 16th day in the 26 days of intentional thanksgiving.
I made a promise about getting back to y’all on a particular topic and I haven’t delivered. I’m sorry, guys.

I’m glad to keep up with this commitment of intentional thanksgiving.

1. Opportunities: I have experienced a lot of so called “outstanding” opportunities in my lifetime so far. The chance to live again and have the next moment is ?

2. Options: Even though most times, having many options becomes a prayer for wisdom to “narrow” it down?, I am grateful for options that have been a blessing

3.Oxygen-Especially free Oxygen!!!

4.Overcoming/Overcomers: Please, don’t get me started ?

5.Opinions: From voiced or written opinions, truth, wisdom, revelation, freedom has emerged…

Other mentions, OMO!!!!!!! Onions?
I’m looking forward to the weekend. I should be a very long journey (14+11=25hours??) but I look forward to it.

Y’all have yourselves a jolly weekend

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  • I’m thankful for options and opinions too!! I think you’re a day behind dear *covers face* Looking forward to your list on P 😉 Safe trip! Have a fab weekend!

    • RuthsBlog

      Hahaaaa. O is actually day 15 na. I’m a day backward today. Thanks for stopping by. I didn’t get to see these comments fa

  • Having options is essential…imagine if we had to be stuck with just one thing

    • RuthsBlog