It’s been quite a week and for those of you who take breaks at the weekend, cheers. For those of us who don’t stop, Cheers!!!

Today is the day to share 5 things I’m grateful for that begin with the letter P.
Here we go:

  1. Parents: ❤️
    2. Promises: Especially the promises of God that anyone can count on 24/7…
    3. Prayer: the opportunity to communicate with the most famous, powerful One. Not as in a monologue oh, but a conversation; not as acquaintances but as beings developing a relationship based on His unconditional love and my faith.
    4. Pepper: Oh! yes! Nigerian/Cameronian pepper to be precise.
    5. Peace: The calm that I experience especially when there seems to be a tornado all around me
    6. Poetry: This is my home.


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