Hello freaders,
I have mixed feelings about moving further in the thanksgiving challenge. I’d miss it. I’ve been pretty occupied but I always look forward to blogging about my list of thanksgiving.

Today is the 17th day of this challenge. Daina, Dainty M., and Damola, I read y’all. I’ve not been able to drop comments. Keep going giiiiirls!!! Much love 😃

1. QUESTIONS: When questions are asked, I delve into depths and truths. I’m able to find out about myself the more and whatever topic I’m asked on.

2. QUARRY:  I’m truly grateful for this; especially in retrospect.

3. QUOTES❤️❤️: Aye!!!! I love quotes that have depth, truth, revelation!!! Quite a number of them have transformed me and God is helping me use them transform others 

4.QUALIFICATIONS: I’m thankful for the qualifications I’ve gotten so far; those that I did not deserve and those I worked for

5. Q-TIPS: A lot of people condemn the use of this (my mama should be topping that list 😂) but I’m thankful for them for almost obvious reasons…

I’m thankful for life and all the opportunities I’ve been given.

Thank you, Lord.

Your mini-size☺️

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  • Whyyy???!!!😢😢😢
    But I understand though…this is Definitely a busy time even for me, but I just have to keep pushing. Success with everything

    And regarding the Q-tips, I agree..I love them😂😂😂

  • I Am almost sure I left a comment here..but guess I didn’t.we will miss youuu
    Success in everything you have to do

    • RuthsBlog

      Lol.Giiiiiirl… I’m not going anywhere. When I said mixed feelings, I meant inasmuch as I am so excited doing this, doing it every day means I’m getting closer to the end…😪

      • Okay yayy!! I am glad

        • RuthsBlog


        • RuthsBlog